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Apr 14, 2006 04:32 PM

Restaurant near Santa Anita or Hwd. Park race tracks

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I have a friend coming in from NYC who's in love with horse racing and likes to hang out where the "real" race track crowd go. He's never been here and I don't bet horses, please! Where can I recommend for him to go for food & drink?
I think there are some places that have been around for ages, and probably the ones he'd like. TIA.

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  1. For a race fan, around Santa Anita, The Derby would be a not-to-miss spot. Also nearby is a slew of restaurants along Huntington to the east (BJ, Outback, Tony Roma's and the like just beyond the Derby) and a new restaurant court next door at the mall.
    Just beyond in Monrovia are a collection of good restaurants in Old Town Monrovia where many horse owners frequent (it's right in the middle of many of their homes in Bradbury and the track). Mundial, Frank 'n Joe's, Bella Sera, Caffe Opera, Devon, Amori, Rudy's and more are all good choices and all located within a two block stretch of each other on Myrtle Ave.

    You'll want to hurry, though. The last day of live racing is the 23rd.

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      The Derby. Definitely the Derby. Founded by a jockey back in the twenties and as horsey a restaruant as you'll find on earth. The bacon-wrapped filet and the gigantic drinks are enough to make a grown man weep. (I was totally disappointed not to find anyplace like the Derby near Keeneland or Churchill Downs!)

      The Dal Rae is also a horsey restaurant, but is pretty far from the track.

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        Don't know for sure if the Derby's founder was a jockey, but the jockey who bought it in 1938 was George Woolf, "The Iceman", who was up on Seabiscuit when he beat War Admiral (and a few other times as well).

        I've not eaten there, though I've been in the place a few times making deliveries, and it feels both extremely comfortable and very much a step back in time.

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        Thanks for that info, he'll be here this week so just enough time.

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        Reality Check

        Hollywood Park offers

        Porky’s BBQ
        801 E. Manchester Blvd.
        Inglewood, CA 90301

        If they allow food into the race track these two places offer good BBQ but take out only.

        Mom's BBQ on Century and Vermont or Bad to Da Bone Century just east of the 405.

        1. There are plenty of restaurants next door to the Santa Anita Race track. There are the Wood Rach BBQ, CPK, Rosies, Johnnie Rockets, and Fish House.

          Santa Anita Fashion Park Mall
          400 S Baldwin Ave
          Arcadia, CA 91007-1900