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Sep 25, 2011 04:25 PM

The Big E. Anything new?

Will be going this week. Are there any new places to eat?

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  1. do you mean the big easy? as in new orleans? is this the board for that?

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      The Big E. is some sort of fair type thing in Springfield, MA. And that exhausts the extent of my knowledge about The Big E.

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          That's funny. I see you're from the Boston area, so you probably think West Springfield is somewhere out towards Bejing, China. From what I'm told, It's like a large version of the Topsfield fair. The "E" in Big E is short for Eastern States Exposition. Living in West Springfield, I go quite often. My favorites this year are the corn from NH building, Pizza from Wooster St pizza in the CT building (I grew up in CT and lived in Manchester for a while. I used to get takeout from either Wooster St or CJ's) Great slice! Of course the free samples of Cabot cheese in VT and chased with a nice Otter Creek beer of your choice. The Maine baked potato is really good, but I wouldn't be caught dead waiting 2 hours for it. Billies baked potatoes are just as good. I always get the raspberries in the Mass building. RI is my favorite. The lobster stew is worth every bit of $10 and the lobster ravioli with vodka sauce is to die for. Other staples are the turkey leg from the Pork Palace, cheese curds, Gyro at Demetri's ,the "cheeseburg fried" at White Hut and tasty beverages wherever tasty beverages are sold. All of the foods mentioned are featured on my food wall. The beverages are featured in my fridge.

          White Hut
          280 Memorial Ave, West Springfield, MA 01089

        2. Went last weekend. I hadn't been in about 12 years and it seemed more carnival-like and less like a fair with animals, etc. What we ate: Buffalo stew with potatoes and peas in (I think) the Vermont building, which was really good, but small chunks of meat; cheese pizza at Randy's Wooster St. Pizza (just OK pizza, but they had a flat screen with an episode of Man . Food in which they were apparantly featured playing nonstop LOL); cup of tiny Maine shrimp in the Rhode Island pavilion, good value for $5 for a big cup; Finn pancakes in the MA paviliion (we had been anticipating these b/c DH is Finnish, but these were more like egg custard, not like the thin pancakes he makes; I did not like them at all, but he said he had had similar before); Oktoberfest beer at the Sam Adams pavilion opposite the states' pavilions; poutine at the french fry place near the Comcast stage (did not try it but had the fries alone which were thin, crispy and well-done, yum). Best deal for bottle of water is at the RI pavilion, $1/bottle! Most other places charging $3. Big bag of maple cotton candy in Vermont bldg. There was also a rib vendor and a Thai vendor outside in between two of the pavilions, but the Thai food being cooked looked pretty conventional. We stayed mostly in the pavilions for food, the food vendors in the rest of the fair seemed mostly carnival quality.

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          1. re: Kat

            Peanut butter/bacon/provalone pizza fro Wooster St was pretty amazing.

            1. re: trufflehound

              The clambake chowder at the RI house was definitely a highlight - clams, sausage, corn, clear broth. Also, the Oktoberfest area had a pretty good selection of German beers.

              1. re: AmbigEthnic

                How'd I miss that? Was it on the right where the stuffies are?

          2. Last year (I think) they introduced the Craz-E Burger, a bacon cheeseburger on a Krispie Kream donut. I saw fried butter for the first time, as well, which was not worth trying a second time.

            Their website says that this year they're introducing fried Kool-Aid, fried whoopee pies, red velvet funnel cake, and two new hot dogs: the New England Dog (bacon-wrapped hotdog with baked beans and cheddar cheese) and the Hot Diggit-E Dog (bacon-wrapped dog with spicy coleslaw and jalapeƱos).

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              I saw the fried Kool Aid vendor. They looked like pink munchkin donuts. I saw similar Kool Aid donuts for sale in a grocery store in Tennessee a couple years ago. We had to buy and try, how could you not??? Disgusting!