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Apr 14, 2006 04:26 PM

Indian Food in Orange County

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Hey Everyone! I'm looking for a good Indian place in Orange County, something reasonably priced but also mind blowing. I'm an experience Indian food eater so I'm looking for the BEST! Anyway you guys could help would be appreciated.

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  1. I like India Cook House on Culver & 5 freeway and Clay Oven on Jeffrey & Irvine Center Drive in Irvine

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      Concur...love India Cook House...also like Dosa Place in Tustin. Both equally excellent.

      Link: http://elmomonster.blogspot.com

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        haveli in tustin as well as Bukhara in huntington beach

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          Bukhara is one of my favorites. Always excellent, and the owners couldn't be nicer.

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        India Cook House and Clay Oven are also my favorites. Clay Oven is finer cuisine, more exquisite sauces (Moghul/Mughlai), with daily specials that can be really exotic; it's more expensive but worth it for the fabulous food. India Cook House is solid northern Indian food, very good quality but no surprises, and more reasonably priced.

        Can't go wrong either way.


        I tried Dosa Place once and really liked it (especially the kheema (goat) dosa), but should warn you that all my friends who have gone there did not like it at all, so it may be an acquired taste. However, if you already know you like southern Indian food, or you are more open-minded food-wise than my friends, you should definitely try it.


      3. Consider Ashoka at the intersection of Magnolia and Talbert. Excellent food, nice people, and reasonable prices.

        1. My favorite is Dosa Place, on Red Hill in Tustin. It is a South Indian place; the owners are from Andhra Pradesh. (Sorry if I spelled that wrong.)

          Really good things include the Dosas, (Huge crispy pancakey things with yummy fillings... try the Mysore Masala Dosa.) Southern style curries and fish dishes, and Hyderabad style Biryanis.

          1. I really like Chakra near UCI. I don't think it's very traditional, but the flavors are really good. And it has nice atmosphere, too. Dinner for two with leftovers was $60 with tip. And we ordered a lot of different dishes so we could taste as much as possible!

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              Personally I am not a huge fan of hte food as it definitely got blanderized for the palate of the office workers at UCI and such. However, this is a gorgeous space. Fireplaces and poufs outside, nice silverware and dishware.

            2. Any comments on Natraj, in Laguna Hills? I went there once, a few years ago, and thought it was OK, but not as good as I remembered the real thing from a trip to Inida. Not that it has to be exactly, just had a memory and wanted to re-live it.

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                I used to go to Natraj occasionally. don't they have a sister takeout restaurant in Tustin, or am I smoking crack? It's good for what it is, which is what my friend refers to as "cookie-cutter" Indian food. Not bad if you like lunch buffets like the one found at India Cook House.