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Sep 25, 2011 03:29 PM

Banana "ice cream" method questions

After having success duplicating Trader Joe's frozen chocolate-covered banana pieces, I simplified further: Froze some very ripe bananas in their heavily-speckled peels. The next day I thawed them before peeling - making one cut along length of the outer side, I found that they just bent over and slid out into the bowl. I scraped the inside of the peel with a spatula to get more flesh out. I used an immersion blender to puree the fruit, then poured in some (leftover from TJ clone pieces) chocolate melted with a little virgin coconut oil. For the first try, I did not add any guar gum. Put it back into the freezer. It came out quite firm but still scoopable.

Would it make any difference if I omit the first freezing and start by mashing up room-temperature bananas? I am willing to play around with methodology but would appreciate any input from those who have done so already.

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  1. I have only read of this method -- you cut the bananas, freeze them until firm, and then blend or process them straight from the freezer. Voila! Vegan banana "ice cream".

    I use frozen bananas in smoothies when I'm looking for a milkshake effect. I know that lends creaminess, but I can't vouch for straight up bananas.

    1. Peel bananas. Cut into 1" chunks. freeze. Throw into food processor, along with any flavoring you like, plus a bit of liquid (soy milk, cream, whatever). Comes out like banana soft serve. You could throw it back into the freezer after to get a more scoopable consistency- no need for an ice cream maker at all.

      1. I never pre-freeze the bananas when I make banana ice cream.

        Generally, I either roast or caramelize my bananas in a skillet first with some brown sugar (or honey), then blend the cooked bananas and incorporate that puree with the custard base before popping it in the freezer.

        Not sure that really answers your question, but that's what I do.

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          I believe this is for an 'ice cream' like food that is made only from bananas, not combined with a custard base.

          I found that freezing the bananas for a relatively short time (1-2) hours, and processing them in a bowl with my hand blender worked pretty well. I liked how it tasted right after making it, but when I re-froze it, it kind of just tasted like regular frozen bananas and wasn't very creamy.

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            I for one am glad this thread lead to a banana recipe from ipsedixit. Even if it doesn't exactly answer the question, it has inspired me to make banana ice cream.