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Sep 25, 2011 02:02 PM

Need suggestion for Sushi , local seafood, and spanish food in Ft. Myers

A business associate and I are visiting Ft. Myers in Oct for three days. We both love sushi, local seafood and spanish cuisines. Please give me your best recommendations!!

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  1. Fort Myers as in the town or Fort Myers as in the beach?

    Sushi: DaRuMa at Bell Tower Shops. Also, Blu Sushi and Origami.
    Local seafood: Sunshine Seafood Cafe on Gladiolus.
    Spanish: La-Trattoria-Cafe-Napoli little hole in the wall, great paella. Not strictly Spanish, but a good choice.

    Fort Myers Beach:
    Sushi: Home Thai
    Local fish: If after 10/15 do Stone Crab at the Fish Monger

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    1. re: LilMsFoodie

      I'll second LMF's Ft Myers area recs.

      Home Thai is actually in Bonita Springs on US 41 at Bonita Beach Road and the duck is terrific!.

      If you can get to go to Naples, an unforgettable favorite of Chowhounds is Inca's Kitchen, well worth the drive for gourmet quality Peruvian cusine and inexpensive prices for the portions and wonderful spicing. This is Latin food at its best i the US of A, and Peru, for that matter.

      1. re: An Insatiable Appetite

        Inca's is *still doing it*...a co-worker ate there for first time this past weekend...she WAS FLOORED...!!! yay, Inca's!

        1. re: An Insatiable Appetite

          Home Thai opened a very chic, non-Fort Myers Beach sushi bar not far from Times Square. One of their most artistic sushi people is there.

          1. re: LilMsFoodie

            LMF, Thank you for the heads up on Home.

        2. re: LilMsFoodie

          Thank you all ...we are finally going this weekend if there is any new or anything not be missed in Ft. Myers!

        3. For Sushi in Fort Myers I've been impressed with Mr. Mee's on 41.

          If by Spanish cuisines you include latin and South American, Fort Myers has a wealth of options.

          For Peruvian -
          El Gaucho Inca on Colonial Blvd only a couple miles west of the 75 exit has both great Peruvian food as well as Argentinian. The Achuras mixed grill platter is phenomenal.

          El Patio on 41 just north of Colonial is also great for Peruvian, a little less pricey, though the decor isn't as nice.

          Salvadorean -

          El Acajutla serves up great Salvadorean food in a little restaurant off of Fowler street just south of Hanson. The people that run the place are incredibly friendly and customer-oriented. I went to pick up a take out order recently and was served a cup of incredible tripe soup gratis while I waited.

          Cuban -
          Rincon Cubano, which is actually in Cape Coral, is a must visit. It's a short drive from Fort Myers, and both the quality of the food and the value make it easily worth paying the bridge toll. The Ropa Vieja will rock your socks, but really, order anything, I've never had anything that wasn't very good there.

          Mexican -
          Juanita's is the place to go for great Mexican food. Google Maps thinks it's somewhere where it isn't, so coming from downtown, head east on Palm Beach Blvd and turn into the light blue roofed shopping center right past Terry Park. It's next to a hair salon called 'Chispas' that has a big sign. It's cash only, the menu is only in spanish, but the food is great, and the homemade tortillas are the best I've ever had anywhere. They usually have some sort of homemade agua fresca as well, though those are usually better in the summer when they have plenty of fresh in season fruit on hand (if anyone reading this is ever there when they have the cantaloupe drink, trust me, you want a large one).

          El Patio Restaurant
          4444 Cleveland Ave Ste E, Fort Myers, FL 33901

          Rincon Cubano
          958 Country Club Blvd Unit A, Cape Coral, FL 33990