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Sep 25, 2011 01:18 PM

Le Creuset Casserole

I have a 3 year old Le Creuset casserole pot which has been well-used but never abused over the years. Today, while heating it on the stovepot to saute onions, etc. I heard a pop, pop, pop and when I looked, discovered that the porcelain coating had literally popped off in places. Has this happened to anyone else and is there anything that can be done to restore the porcelain coating? (yes, I live in a dream world)

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  1. No, it can't be repaired, but there's a good chance it can be replaced under their warranty program if it's a manufacturing defect. If they determine it's been used with too high heat they will offer you a new one at 3/4 of the list price of the oven. Usually the problem you describe is from pouring a cold liquid into the oven while it's hot when there's crazing present from using too high heat. Call them at 877-CREUSET to get an RMA #.

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      Thanks much. I didn't pour anything in the pot before it lost it's enamel coating and have never put it in the oven over 350. Maybe just an anomaly (sp?). Thanks for the phone number. Will call them.

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        I meant to say a new one at 3/4 OFF the list price of the oven. Sorry!