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Sep 25, 2011 12:39 PM

Any good BBQ near South Congress?

I've been scouring this board for a couple hours and have read lots of BBQ recommendations in and around Austin, but none of them seem to be particularly close to where we're staying. Is there any good BBQ within walking distance or a short drive of the Austin Motel on South Congress?

We'd love to try Franklin, but the whole "lining up before 10:30 am" thing is going to be tough to fit into the 48 hours we're in town (most of which are packed with wedding-related events). We basically have one dinner and one breakfast/lunch open, and we were hoping to try some Texas BBQ.


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  1. I really like Green Mesquite. It's nothing that's gonna change your life or anything, but it's never disappointed me. It'd be a long but not too bad walk, or a cheap cab ride.

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      I particularly like their fatty brisket and their turkey.

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        Actually their wings are crave worthy! Sorry I couldn't get them before my trip cuz of ACL. Sit out back and get a scooner of Sheiner and you have a great Austin experience.

    2. If you line up at Franklin by 10:30, you'll most likely be eating at 11:30. Definitely worth an hour out of your schedule.

      1. If you're looking for the best representation of Texas barbecue, you probably won't find it in Austin, much less on South Congress, which is a little too trendy for butcher paper and plastic trays these days. Franklin's is supposed to be good, and Artz Rib House seems to get some love on this board, but if you want the best regarded 'cue in the state, you're going to have to bite the bullet and make a drive to Lockhart, Luling, or Taylor. You're looking at about a 45 minute drive, but you'll get to see small-town Texas for yourself, and get the best BBQ we have to offer. Luling also has great fruit stands, and I am told, good antiquing.

        Artz Rib House
        2330 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704

        1. Limp across the river to Iron Works.

          1. bbq in austin proper is a toughie, as the more legendary places are a drive away.

            based on your need some something within a short drive, here are 2 suggestions, with the addresses and some links to people's commentary:

            1. ruby's
            512 west 29th street

            2. live oak bbq
            2713 east 2nd st.

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              A couple of more to consider, just to make the decision even harder.

              Almost within walking distance is the upscale and delicious Lambert's.

              Legendary Sam's Bar-B-Q has taken some knocks lately, and justifiably so. But I'm happy to report they are back, baby and a strong contender.

              I got a couple of lbs of 'que yesterday from Live Oak, and it included pork steak and chicken that were both really moist and flavorful - excellent. It hard to cook these 2 meats without drying them out and Live Oak seems to have discovered the secret. They were so good, I'll probably return this week for a 2nd helping. Wish I had as positive a comment for the pork ribs - they are too salty for my tastes. If you love a salty rub, go get these immediately. If not, the rest of the menu is well worth a try.

              1. re: Alan Sudo

                OK, we are definitely going to have to plan another trip to Austin ASAP—this all sounds fabulous!