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Good dessert/baking cookbooks with plenty of pictures?

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Can anyone recommend some dessert cookbooks that includes pictures for a large portion of the recipes?

I'm pretty new to baking/desserts so it really helps to be able to see what the final product should look like.

Instructional cookbooks with step-by-step pictures that show you how to do things would be really helpful as well


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  1. dorie greenspan's "baking from my home to yours" has pix of the finished products, user-friendly instructions and suggestions for tweaking the recipes.

    print pix in books are very expensive to reproduce. for step-by-step pix, you may be better off with blogs and internet videos.

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    1. Nick Malgieri's latest book called Bake! would be a good instructional book that has many photos per recipe illustrating the technique as well as the finished product. His excellent book, Modern Baker, has a photo for just about each recipe. I concur with hotoynoodle that the Dorrie Greenspan is great as well.

      1. There are some excellent photos in the old Time-Life "Good Cook" series. Available on eBay, if you don't mind used. My "Pies & Pastries" volume is about one half instructions (illustrated in color) and one half recipes.

        1. 4th vote for Dorie's book - one of my favorite baking books of all time.

          'Bon App├ętit Desserts' has fantastic recipes though not a photo for every one.
          David Lebovitz's 'Ready for Dessert' has many photos though again not one for every recipe but the recipes are gorgeous.
          Nigella Lawson's 'How to be a Domestic Goddess' covers all kinds of baking and there is more or less a photo for every recipe.

          None of these have step-by-step instructions but they are all straightforward books.

          1. Not sure I agree with your need for lots of pretty pictures but three that I can think of would be Malgieri's "Chocolate" and Flo Baker's "The Simple Art of Perfect Baking" and Sherry Yard's "Desserts by the Yard".

            If you decide that good instruction with some pictures and illustrations is what you need, I would suggest "Professional Baking" by Wayne Gisslen. It is a text book at many colleges and culinary schools.

            "The Dessert Bible" by Christopher Kimball of America's test Kitchen fame is another excellent book. America's test Kitchen has one, too. I have heard good things about it. It's called "Baking Illustrated".

            The "Fannie Farmer Baking Book" is excellent with almost no pictures.

            If I had to choose one with lots of pictures and easy to understand recipes, I would go with "The Simple Art of Perfect Baking"