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Sep 25, 2011 09:59 AM

Chinese in Collegeville/Trooper area

Now that my favorite little Jasmine Cafe in Eagleville has closed its doors, I wonder if I've been oblivious to a hidden gem in this area. China Jade and Great Wall in Collegeville have lost my vote, as has China Inn in Trooper. Black Dog in Skippack is a bit pricey (but then its a tourist town) as is Fuszion in Center Point. The one in the Trappe shopping center should be banned for its won ton soup alone (atomic yellow broth, sliced carrots and chunks of tomato - yuck!) Anything closer than Han Dynasty in Royersford for authentic or at least really good?

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  1. Chef Paulo...I guess I can toss the Jasmine Cafe take out menu. I guess I am not surprised...the few time I had take out from them...I never saw anyone in there. I thought the food was okay...but the portions small.

    About the only thing left I can think of is the Golden Key in Jeffersonville. It's on the street back in a small strip mall. It's across the road from the Wine/Spirits store and Chaps. Again, the food is okay...not sure if I would put it in the really good category. I found their prices were reasoable and good sized portions. I think I have gotten "lost" in the world of mediocre Chinese take out. I need to venture into Philadelphia and get into some of the better establishments there to re-establish what good Chinese food is all about. I should give Han Dynasty a try...but a bit of a drive for take out...and I have read recently that it has slippped a bit.

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      Jasmine's chef/owner was trained at the culinary academy in Fujien, China. He knew his stuff and I had some excellent meals. I think his lousy location worked against him and he started to not care in the latter days. Quality became iffy and he clearly put more effort into dinner fare than lunch. Too bad. He had talent. At least everything wasn't laden with chopped carrots and huge chunks of bell pepper that the others rely on for filler.

      Golden Key across from Chaps? I'll check it out. Can't believe i missed it.

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        Well, Adenn1, I tried Golden Key for lunch today and can give it a great big "meh." Any place Americanized enough to still be serving egg foo young and chop suey can't be that serious about real Chinese fare. The small (seating for 14) and spartan interior is obviously more suited to the take out crowd with 12 chairs along the wall for waiting patrons. The won ton soup was flavorful but the large, rubbery won tons were a chore to get through. Hunan chicken followed, or should I say Hunan broccoli and bell peppers with chicken? The usual egg roll included with most lunch specials was not. Tea and fried noodles are also extra. All in all, OK for $5.83 but I'll file Golden Key with the others in my original post and keep searching.

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          Sorry...I do think that Chinese food has become really mediocre in our area. You know, I forgot that Chinese place up the road on Ridge...just past Trooper. I believe it is called China's between gas station and car dealership.

          Drive by it all the time...but have never seen more than a couple of cars there. Looks like a real dive too. Curious if anyone has tried this place.

          CP...I will have to try Han Dynasty in Royersford and see what it is all about.

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            Adenn1, China Inn is about the same as the other Americanized purveyors with its steaming lunchtime buffet table of greased chewies in thickened sauce. Don't bother.

            I'll just have to trek into rarely traveled territory and give Han Dynasty a try. My only other faves, Lai Lai and Abacus, are a bit far for take out.


      2. Will be hard to beat Han Dynasty in Royersford.

        Veekoo, also in Royersford is not bad for Americanized Chinese. Jasmine Asian Bistro in Trappe is not bad IMHO and delivery is a plus. Haven't tried Jasmine Cafe in Eagleville.

        While not Chinese, there are decent Thai options - Thai Place in Phoenixville and Thai Spice in Limerick. We even have a Philippine cuisine place in Phoenixville now (the old location of Thai L'Elephant).

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        1. Has anyone tried Jannie's Asian Bistro - on Ridge - in the Court at Upper Providence - same shopping center as Target? Haven't been there myself but have been curious what other's experience was.

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            Haven't been yet, but have friends who say it is good.

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              I have been there and have to say that it is mediocre at best. They offer sushi and chinese dishes but none of it is very good.

            2. There's a place called Kamita that opened recently in Oaks near the Regal movie theater. I haven't been to it, but it might be worth trying.

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              1. I haven't found a local Chinese that I like but have you tried Abacus (Lansdale) and Golden Sea (Blue Bell)?

                Neither is great but they are sometimes good. Abacus has a nice Chilean Sea Bass with garlic ginger sauce. It is not always on the menu but they will usually make it for you.

                Golden Seas Restaurant
                455 County Road 520 Ste 12, Marlboro, NJ 07746