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Sep 25, 2011 08:53 AM

Roadside barbecue goes indoors - Clearwater

I have never had barbecue at a restaurant that measured up to the barbecue from the better roadside stands that are open on the weekends. Up until recently, my favorite was Eli's in Dunedin. That was until I went to the Bar-B-Q Queen.

Phillis, the owner, has a roadside stand on Highland, but has recently moved indoors to a small store on Gulf to Bay, just a little east of Crest Lake Park. The ribs are meaty, smoky and moist, and you can choose from eight different sauces from mild to hot or sweet to not. The smoked collard greens are a specialty of hers. The baked beans are like molasses candy. She also bakes a variety of cakes and pies, including traditional favorites like sweet potato pie, and inventions of her own with names like "Better than Sex".

At the moment she is only open Thursday through Saturday, but hopefully as the business grows she'll be back to five days a week.

Bar-B-Q Queen
1621 Gulf to Bay Blvd, Clearwater, FL 33756

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  1. Looks good! Looking forward to trying it. Is this take-out or can you eat in? I'm trying to figure out what used to be in the location....

    Just a tiny quibble, "Better than Sex" cake has been around for some time!

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        Well, Crest Lake Park is nearby - that would work on a nice day!

    1. I still haven't made it to Eli's to try least this place has some more liberal hours (and days).....that should make it much easier to find the time to get there!