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Apr 14, 2006 03:31 PM

Little Toni's in N. Hollywood...tell me

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OK...I've been driving by Little Toni's every week for over a year. For some reason, I have decided that it is a great place though I have never been inside. Is it possibly the ultimate red sauce Italian destination, or should I stay away?


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  1. I drove past it for years and years till someone asked us to go there. Definitely not haute cuisine, think heavy sauces and ice cold pitchers of beer...The pizza is great for anyone who prefers thin crust ( the plain cheese is the best ). Take out available.

    1. It's vile.

      1. fail fail fail.

        I don't like dropping 1* reviews but it's gonna be done.

        2nd visit. 1st visit was okay, nothing remarkable, but nothing that I truly hated either. Visited the place a second time because it's local.

        Chicken marsala w/ spaghetti & pink sauce, veggies
        Toni's special fettucini (or something) in cream sauce and scallops
        Meat ravioli with meatballs
        Meatball sandwich with cheese

        1. Minestone bland, pasta cooked so far down that it has no texture.
        2. Marsala sauce, bland. Chicken cooked well.
        3. Spaghetti doused in pink sauce. Like, 2-3x more than what would have been comfortable. Ate a few bites, was too heavy - did not continue on.
        4. Veggies in butter - looked good at first but after a few minutes sat in a pool of butter. Veggie scampi?
        5. Toni's special w/ cream sauce - laughable amount of sauce. Actually made the pasta unbearable. Cream sauce so think and heavy it might as well be a broth. Get rid of the fettucini and serve this dish with the burned house bread, call it italian fondue.
        6. Ravioli - bland, covered in sauce. Sauce does not make everything better.
        7. Meatball sub - fell apart in 2 bites. Became a knife and fork affair. Why did I order a sandwich again? This never happened to me when I ate meatball subs in Jersey. Oversauced & underflavored.
        8. We took 95% of the pasta dishes home. The chicken marsala was presented quite nice to us at the table. Too bad the server didn't have the same amount of care when they packaged everything to go - she literally tilted the plate and poured everything in the same togo container. Yes, marsala on top of butter on top of pink sauce. Or vice versa if you look at the other end of the container.
        9. 99% of the 95% we took home went to waste.

        Don't go here, it's like eating at a future Kitchen Nightmares episode. Or if you eat here, at least stick to the pizza. At least the pizza is decent (better than Pitfire, which isn't saying much)

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          Funny...Kitchen Nightmares episode should have been years ago.
          Didn't they have a fire there and closed for a while?
          Back in the 80's I used to live in the area and when desperate for a pizza we'd go there and the pizza was barely passable. Wouldn't dare try anything else there. Went back about 5 years ago and realized it wasn't any better.

          I could see how the OP would be intrigued with the look of the place, it was somewhat inviting from the outside.

        2. The ultimate red-sauce Italian destination is Casa de Pizza in Granada Hills. They've got little toni by the bawls I tell ya !

          1. I used to work close buy and occasionally got a pizza. finally stopped in years ago. It's the kind of red sauce place where a sports team might go for pizza and pitchers of beer. not great dining, but good for what it is. I did really like that they used a small diameter pepperoni that shrunk into little cups of grease when cooked.