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Sep 25, 2011 08:40 AM

One lunch in Nashville: Where to go??

Title says it all. In Nashville for lunch tomorrow and want to experience a meal unique (or close to it) to the city. Where do I go??

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  1. The one thing that is uniquely Nashville is Hot Chicken. Prince's is the inventor of the genre. There's also 400 Degrees that's good.

    If you want something that's more typically pan-Southern, Arnold's or Monell's. For barbeque, hit Martin's in Nolensville south of Nashville, or B&C (Bacon & Caviar) in the Farmer's Market or on Franklin Rd in the Melrose area.

    For upscale, Capitol Grille in the Hermitage Hotel. Also Sunset Grill in Hillsboro Village.

    Sunset Grill
    2001 Belcourt Ave, Nashville, TN 37212

    Farmer's Market
    10192 US Highway 27 N, Butler, KY 41006

    400 Degrees
    2012 Clarksville Pike, Nashville, TN 37208

    1. Arnold's, no questions about it.

      Tomorrow is fried chicken day. I would even get a small side of their roast beef.

        1. Next time you're in Nashville: Monell's, Monell's, Monell's. Beats the hell out of other places like it in the area. I'd second Martin's for BBQ.

          Burger Up is a great place over by Sevier Park with creative, high-quality burgers and fantastic homemade ketchup and fries. It's the kind of place that I think back on often, one of the great surprises on my last trip to Nashville.

          1. City House is great!

            City House
            1222 4th Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37208