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Sep 25, 2011 08:38 AM

Help. Really wonky behavior with "new" flag

Yesterday, a poster added a post to this thread and it was flagged as "new".

When I opened it up, it was all expanded and there was no new post for that poster.

Fair enough ... maybe it got deleted.

However, the "new" flag remained.

Now three other posts have the same thing going on, so I did all the business about clearing cookies. Nope. Still listed as "new".

I added two dummy posts. That got rid of the new flag BUT those records don't show up and the posts are still unexpanded at the same point when posters added comments.

So to sum up

- I am not seeing the new posts that cause the thread to be flagged as "new"

- the "new" flag doesn't go away

- my posts don't show up.

I thought I got deleted on one ... maybe too grouchy sounding ... so I reposted a briefer post that just clarified because the poster was writing about something different that what I was posting about.

That was gone too this morning

Ok, fine. Time to back off as it seems to be making the mods unhappy. BUT other posters have added comments that I am not seeing and the thread is stuck exactly at the point it was yesterday prior to me adding comments.

The only thing I can think is maybe I've reached some sort of limit on posts. Whatever dataset that is holding the 'new' flags reached its limit? While I don't post as much these days, I have posted quite a lot over the years. That is just a guess though.


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  1. Here's some screen shots. Sorry I uploaded them out of o rder

    SCREEN 1

    A reply I added to the thread

    SCREEN 3 (out of order)

    My profile that shows I added a comment

    SCREEN 2

    Re-opened the thread. My comment does not appear and though the "new" flag has been removed as you can see in the previous shot. The thread is stuck in exactly the same place it was yesterday.

    That tripadvisor thread it the one I thought mods were deleting my comments and I backed off. However it is stuck at the point just prior to my comment yesterday. There were 103 replies yesterday. There are 113 as of this screen shot. I see none of them.

    It seems to be threads I participated in yesterday. The HFCS thread and Marin threads didn't appear on my profile yesterday and seem to be working fine.

    If this is just some sort of temporary blip, I can live without accessing those threads if fixing this is any work.

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    1. re: rworange

      Ok ... one final screen shot

      Dairy Queen just added a comment to the spice thread.

      I opened it. I cant see the comment. The thread is stuck exactly where it was yesterday. When I go back to my profile the new flag is not removed though I opened the thread.

      Sorry for putting this in different replies but I am trying to see if there are problems for me with replies today.

    2. Here's another thread I particiapted in on Saturday Sept 24th that had a response on Sunday. I cant see the reply. The new reply doesn't go away.

      1. Hey, thanks if you did something. The two topics I still could not not get into yesterday opened up and all seems to be working well.

        I'd almost like to request a "delay" option. The topics I was so passionate about af few days ago don't qiuite seem so 'hot' a few days later. Note to self: wait a few days before answering. If it is that important and I remember, then reply.

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        1. re: rworange

          We can't take the credit I'm afraid, but thank you for the update.

          1. re: Engineering

            Well, I always appreciate the answer from engineering. Seriously. So I figure it should work two ways.

            I don't know what went wrong. I made absolutely no changes to my computer. For a few days some threads were just stuck. None of the usual actions such as clearing cache worked.

            Anyway, it fixed itself after a few days.

        2. The 'new' flag is still 'wonky'.

          Today I just Looked at an old post and it rocketed to the TOP of my 'profile' even though I Did Not post a reply today. This is the topic:

          This has never happened to me before, so I suspect some regression to wierdness has happened.

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          1. re: DiveFan

            That thread does seem to have recent activity, albeit not from you. Which sub-page of the profile in particular did it appear in? I'm not seeing it in your feed.

            1. re: Engineering

              Ive see a couple odd behaviors today.

              There was just a thread up on Italy - my most recent post was the newest post - and I shouldnt be getting flags for that

              Last night for a spell there were no new flags even tho there were new posts.

              and yes I was signed in in both cases

            2. re: DiveFan

              OOPS, my bad. That's how it's supposed to work. Must have had a bad brain cramp.