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Sep 25, 2011 07:40 AM

Where to find Concord Grapes -Upper Bux/Montco

I did see some at the Q-mart, but they were splitting and riddled with fruit flies. Yikes.

Anyone know a good place to get them? I have a cranberry chutney recipe I want to try, subbing the grapes.

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  1. I've seen baskets at Redner's in Collegeville and my local Acme (Trooper) has also had them.

    in upper Buxco, you might call around to some of the vineyards and see what they recommend.

    1. They have been at the farmers markets in the Phila area - so if you have a farmer's market near you I'd check that out!

      1. Frecon farms in boyertown has them!

        1. Thanks, All. I think I may have missed them again this year (especially with all the rain.)

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            I'm buying them at Genuardi's...just got some yesterday

            1. re: JohnnyKBar

              These folks had them at a farmer's Market on Tuesday, here is their market schedule.

              1. re: Bigley9

                Tabora farm above Chalfont has them, too.

            2. Fruitwood Orchards has had them at my local farmer's market in Lansdowne. They were delish!


              Could always contact them to see if they still have them & if so, if they're at a farmer's market close to you.