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A Great Iranian Experience

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A little over a year old, Chaloos in Easton MA is fast making a name for itself among Persian cuisine lovers.

It is cozy and elegant place located in a strip mall, provides free parking, is vegan friendly, serves delicious authentic Iranian food from an open kitchen, and is run by a friendly Iranian man who is also the chef with considerable previous experience in the restaurant business, and Chaloos seems to be his latest venture. He is happy to talk about the origins of Iranian cuisine and make recommendations to those new to this delicious cuisine.

A friend recommended Chaloos to me when it had only been in business for two months. I have been there several times since with friends who are Iranian, American and Pakistani. They all loved it, and especially the Iranian friend who now goes there with family and friends on a regular basis. The Barley soup is simply outstanding, and the flavorful kabobs are a real treat. The saffron rice with butter just melts in the mouth. Portions are plentiful and one usually ends up sharing with another person or taking home. Light aromatic Persian tea is a perfect way to end the whole experience on a positive note. The only thing that did not work for me was the dessert, Faloodeh. But everything else I have tried is delicious.

One thing I would want - and that's why the four stars - is for the restaurant to offer a lunch buffet since many people like to grab a quick bite in the afternoons, and it also works better to be able to sample more dishes at a time when trying out a new place. Unfortunately, I am told by my Iranian friend that buffet is not the norm at Iranian restaurants. Oh well. I would still go back to Chaloos anytime!

Oh, and don't forget to check out coupons!

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  1. in general buffets are a disaster in that the food frequently is over cooked; i tend to avoid them.

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          Thanks for posting the link, galangatron.

      1. i thought the preferred self-descriptor was persian?

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          574 Washington St, Easton, MA 02375

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          1. How does it compare to Lala Rokh?

            Lala Rokh
            97 Mount Vernon Street, Boston, MA 02108