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How to clean stainless steel pot?

i just bought a new stainless pot and made popcorn in it. Wiish I'd read the post on this site that advised "hot pan, cold oil" BEFORE I'd made popcorn. My problem now is that the inside of the pan is sticky, and I can't get the sticky film off. I'd welcome any suggestions. There were no cleaning instructions that came with the pan.

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  1. I would try using some Bar Keepers Friend cleanser/polish. It's safe for stainless steel and will remove just about anything. You can buy it at most HEB grocery stores, and I've seen it at Target.

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      Thanks. I did try that, but it didn't get it off.

    2. When in doubt, or last extremis, Easy Off oven cleaner. Has been effective on my All-Clad disasters for over 35 years. But it should be the last resort.

      1. From time to time in my life I've had to deal with burns on pans or other nasty stuff in the inside of my pots or pans. Ages ago, I learned to put a little dishwasher detergent in the pan with a little water, and bring it to boil, boiling for minute or two. This does work. It does of course smell bad. Don't do this if you have tiny children, small pets or birds around. Open the windows. Run the exhaust fan. But if you are desperate, then this might work for you.

        1. Major elbow grease is necessary to get that burned on oil off. But with the scrubby made of stainless steel--it looks like a shiny wad of curled ribbon--it comes off very easily. I started using this for pot scrubbing a year ago and it is amazing.

          1. You have partially burned oil, so you have a layer of sticky oil in the pan. If it is very thin, then I would scrub this layer with basic solution. For example, use a lot of baking soda and small amount of water and scrub. You should see some oil start to come off as bits and chunks.

            Another thing you can try is to put some more cooking oil in the pan (enough to comfortably cover the pan), then heat up the pan and oil, until you see the wavy pattern in the oil or until the oil barely smoking. This will soften the stuck-on oil residue. You will need to use wooden utensils or steel utensils to scratch and scrub the bottom. Be careful. The oil is very hot at this point. Just gently use the utensils to loosen the stuck-on oil residue.

            1. Goo gone might work. It works great on sticky or oily stuff.

              1. I clean a lot of stainless steel pans and I have found basically three methods, some already posted: 1. Place the pan in very hot water with some soap to soak a while. Then use Barkeepers friend, a nylon scrub and LOTS of elbow grease. It that doesn't work, try 2. spraying it with Oven Cleaner, then place in a plastic bag for a few hours or a few days (and refresh the oven cleaner) until the grease is removed (this works for even the most dirty cast iron skillets). Or 3. They sell solvents that will remove the baked on oil and grease. These are used by professional kitchen cleaners. One product is called "Sokoff" which is a solvent you brush onto a clean and cold pot and let sit for 15 minutes, then scrape off the grease. You can find it for sale over the internet.

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                  thanks, everybody. Each method I try seems to help a little bit, so by the time I finish trying them all, I should have a clean pot! I think the elbow grease is key ... I'm getting stronger with each scrub.

                2. Soak it with Coca Cola for 24 hrs. It will come out as clean as new. BTW, if you burn anything really bad on stainless steeel, this technique will bring it back with almost no effort.