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Sep 25, 2011 06:53 AM


We were on vacation in the West and ate great Cambodian food--better than Vietnamese. Does anyone know of a good Cambodian place in Boston?

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  1. We have a pretty good variety of Cambodian food in the area. Probably my favorite is Thmor Dat on Shirley Ave. in Revere. It's just a Chinatown storefront with food cooked by Cambodians. and most of their customers are Cambodian...ez access by the Blue Line. This is the first place I had cambodian and it's said that you never forget your first time..:) byo

    Mittaheap in Lynn is very good but hard for me to get to..more extensive menu.

    Floating Rock in Cambridge...This was the original Thmor Dat. It's much more upscale and on my 2 trips, I wasn't able to get the "real" thing...seemed a little dumbed down. Nice space..full liquor.

    Lowell has a # of good places but someone else will have to brief you on those. I'm just not familiar with specifics.

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      What do you recommend at Thmor Dat?

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        I misspelled the name. It's Thmor Da.

        My the order that they come to mind are tiger tears, pork/spicy garlic sauce, fish cakes, squab, dry fried chow foon, a fish soup.

    2. there is also a plethora of excellent cambodian restaurants in lowell. red rose, senmonorom, phnom penh restaurant, and simply khmer to name a few. totally worth the trip

      1. There is a place called Viet-Thai in Downtown Lowell has some Cambonian style menu items. The prices also are worth the drivw. very popular lunch spot. for a reason. Very tasty south e. asian dare ! .. Lowell is #2 in cities with largest Cambodian populatin...#1 in the USA . Long Beach CA

        368 Merrimack St, Lowell, MA 01852