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Sep 25, 2011 06:52 AM

Porto wine

In a recent visit to Portugal, we visited Taylor. The only maker of Kosher Porto wine. We were told that the last bottle of the last Kosher Vintage Porto was sold and none remain in stores. Does anyone know how to get hold of some Vintage Porto? I have a 2004 Late Bottled Vintage, which is the next quality down from "Vintage".

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  1. The only real kosher port from Douro is the Porto Cordevero, which is a joint effort between the highly regarded port house of Taylor Fladgate and Royal Wines, the largest kosher wine importer in the United States. They have two wines, both delicious - a Ruby Port and a Late Bottled Vintage. Both are pretty widely available, at least in the New York area. Which wine exactly are you looking for?


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      Just coming back from Portugal, I learned a little more about Porto wines. I have a bottle of 2004 Late Bottle Vintage and their regular Porto. That designation is given to a wine that is deemed a step above the regular evaluation of the enologist. Some years, a wine is designated Vintage. Taylor Fladgate has had Vintage Porto from in their Kosher production, but all the bottle are sold. I wonder if anybody bought them with the intention of reselling them. By the way, there is a small winery in Belmonte that is also producing Portuguese Kosher wines. We had the opportunity to meet the Rabbi and the president of the community.

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        I am pretty sure that Royal Wine Corporation (the largest importer of kosher wine into the United States) made the kosher run together with Taylor and bought the entire production with the intent to distribute it within the United States, where it is currently widely available (both the Ruby and LBV versions).

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