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Sep 25, 2011 04:56 AM

Bread crumb help please

I like to make my own bread crumbs as there always seems to be leftover bread in my house. My problem is I can never seem to get them fine enough, they always stay more in rice sized or a bit bigger pieces. My method is to cut the bread up into cube size pieces, toast in the oven till dry, then put in the food processor to pulse. Sometimes I try to just use the inside of the bread thinking that will help, but not usually, plus I don't like to waste all the crusts...Any suggestions? Thanks

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  1. What machine are you using to make the crumbs? Maybe the blade or the machine need replacing. I use my vitamix which makes astounding crumbs out of anything. Took 40+ years of cooking for me to decide to buy/afford one but having had it for about a year, it is def worth the money.

    1. I agree with ElsieB. I have a Kitchen Aid food processor and have no problem making crumbs.

      1. Hmm.. when I dry bread and then make crumbs it pulverizes into very fine crumbs. I use a food processor (the steel blade) and sometimes just a plastic bag and a rolling pin. I don't use whole grain bread usually, just French bread, Italian bread--nothing with seeds or grain bits. I don't use oily or eggy breads either. And after drying it (completely) it needs to cool completely also. No moisture.

        Can you find anything here that might possibly be a reason? Of course just more time in the processor might work also. Or processor blades need sharpening/replacing?

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          Hmm, was thinking it might be the blade. I have a kitchen aid which I love. Does anyone know if the blades can be sharpened? I am going to go do some googling...thanks for the responses.

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            Food processor blades are stainless steel and can't be sharpened very effectively; it might be time to replace your blade.

            My current food processor is pretty new, and I have no problem making fine bread crumbs.

        2. Just leave the bread out, uncovered, on your counter for a couple days. Let it get nice and stale. Put it all in a thick plastic bag, take out one big rolling pin, and then pound away.