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Sep 24, 2011 07:11 PM

Morfia's Ribs and Pies in MDR for BBQ

Last Sunday, I had to run a few errands before settling in to watch football. I knew I'd miss some of the early games on TV. Went to get coffee at the MB Peet's and walked around with a friend. Then on the way back I decided I needed some food (I skipped breakfast to this point) and I wanted my car washed. I was all set to wash my own car and fix my own lunch, but I thought I'd seen a car wash on Lincoln in the Marina and wanted to check it out.

And there it was. On the west side of LIncoln in the area with all the motorcycle shops -- south of Washington, north of the 90 freeway. I pulled in and it's one of those use your own quarters car wash places, but the end stall was reserved for this one guy who would wash my car for 14 dollars. Seemed fair as I was a bit tired from partying the day before and I really didn't feel like washing my car. He needed 15 minutes.

I decided to just take a walk. But right there in the car wash parking lot is a place called Morfia's Ribs and Pies. I decided to go in and grab a take out menu, just to read it. Started reading it and it sounded really good. Beef and pork ribs, hot links, barbecue beef sandwiches and the sides I like -- cole slaw, beans, collard greens (plus mac and cheese and french fries and some others). I decide to have lunch.

Now, I'm not a barbecue guy necessarily. It's never my first choice. I don't really crave the whole BBQ sauce on my hands and arms as I eat my ribs thing and I'm not even a huge fan of meat on the bone, whether it is ribs or a steak. I do like it, it's just not my first choice, not the thing I crave. But there was a serendipity to finding the car wash and I decided that fate had decried I eat BBQ for lunch.

First things first, I chatted with the man I assumed was Morfia. Now, I think the lady who took my order might have been Morfia. He is Greek (and so is she) and I'm honestly not familiar with the name Morfia. Either way, I chatted with him and he's Greek, but really spent his life in Texas. They took over this location in April. I figured -- TOFTT.

I ordered lunch special number one. This actually surprised me because lunch special number two was a choice of sandwich and I'm much more a sandwich guy than a rib guy. But I felt compelled to get the number one, the sampler. It came with one beef rib, one pork rib and six slices of hot link (that's what the menu said, I think it actually came with more than six slices. It seemed like about half of a large hot link, maybe a little more.) I got the beans and the collard greens. The menu says "beans and choice of one side" but the woman who took my order made it seem like if you wanted cole slaw and collard greens that's fine. Basically, two sides.

My first bite: Really great. I started with hot link and it had some nice spice. Oh, it wasn't unbearable, but this was no hot dog in BBQ sauce. It had a bit of very pleasant heat, spicy even. (There is plenty of on the table hot sauce if you need more). The BBQ sauce was sort of vinegairy in a good way -- it had some sweetness, but for me, not too much and that was good. I don't really love sweet BBQ sauce. I liked the ribs, too. I'm not a rib expert, so this is really subjective. But the meat was super soft and tender, but not too much so. It was very juicy, but had a firm texture. I feel silly describing ribs because I don't have the expertise, but they really appealed to this particular not a rib guy. BBQ beans are something I really like and I really liked these. Again, not too sweet, but sweet enough. Collard greens were soft and delicious. There was also a slice of corn bread that was fine, but honestly there was so much food I didn't quite finish and I only took a bit of the bread to taste. The special was 8.95 and with a bottle of water I spend 13 that included a two buck tip.

I didn't have any pie, though they looked good. I chatted with another customer who was doing take out, he swore by the BBQ beef sandwich. Another guy also came in with his wife/girlfriend and he did the whole "foodie" thing -- asking what kind of wood they used to smoke (mesquite) and a bunch of other questions that annoyed me more than the nice lady. He also kept telling his companion what she was allowed to order or not order -- I hope he as kidding, if not he seemed like a know-it-all jerk.

Morfia's menu is online. In addition to what I tried and the BBQ beef sandwich, the have chicken, they have hamburgers, turkey burgers and veggie burgers and a bunch of stuff.

Epilogue: I took the family to Morfia's tonight. We had beef ribs, hot links, BBQ chicken (which my son said was his favorite part of the meal) potato salad and the collard greens. Fifty bucks and we had left overs. (I have two teenage boys, it was a lot of food). Everything was great, though I guess we wouldn't order potato salad again. Nothing wrong with it, but not awesome, the beans were better.

Still haven't had any room for the pies

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  1. Hi PaulF, thanks for giving your thoughts on Morfia's. I dropped Morfia's - I didn't order any food since I had just finished my lunch earlier, but I did order two slices of their cakes. I didn't find either to be particularly special - I think the key here is to get those items when they're at their freshest - but was very curious about their meats. I driven by here at various times of the day and could smell the smoke, so this tells me they are going through the actual process.

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    1. re: bulavinaka

      Good info on the cakes. Believe it or not, I just haven't been hungry enough after the two meals I had there to eat dessert.

      I meant to add that the second time we went -- for dinner -- they had a brisk business going. A couple of guys just off work in construction clothes, a family with a toddler (and there is nothing more entertaining that watching a cute toddler gnaw on a rib and cover their little face in sauce), and a few guys sitting outside reading books and eating BBQ beef sandwiches.

      There was also a continuous stream doing take out Take out makes sense, too, as Morfia's is sort of small. Let's put it this way: To wash up in their (very clean) restroom you have to go outside and walk past the car wash. Then you have to squeeze into the rest room because the door doesn't quite open all the way -- it bangs into the cooler full of Cokes.

    2. Morfia's Ribs & Pies place link added to CH database

      Morfia's Ribs & Pies
      4077 Lincoln Blvd, Marina del Rey, CA 90292

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      1. re: Servorg

        Thanks for doing that. The only other entry in the CH database for that address was Benny's BBQ. I guess that was the prior name before they took over in April.

        For what it's worth, they told me they will start having beer in January.

        1. re: PaulF

          yeah, it's the old location of benny's bbq, right?

          but if i'm not mistaken, benny's is not near a car wash on that stretch of lincoln?

          1. re: kevin

            It's a hand car wash, so maybe you missed it.

            I never went to Benny's, so I'm not sure. But Morfia's is definitely between a car wash and the pub.

            1. re: PaulF

              Cool, i know about the turtle racing pub, just missed the car wash, sorry might just be having a brain fart right abouts now.

      2. Nice write up. I'll have to drop by and check it out soon. Is this place close to Brennan's?

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        1. re: Jase

          Yes, right next door to Brennan's.

          1. re: foodiemahoodie

            Just went there. Nothing special in the pulled pork sandwich. corn bread was also not special.