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Sep 24, 2011 06:59 PM

calcium chloride in LA?

i want to do some experimentation in the next couple days, so i don't have time to get it online. other than surfas, and the wine and beer place in the west valley, any ideas where i can get some? food grade, of course.

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  1. I have seen it in my local Persian markets in Orange County. Where are you, cherie?

    It's an ingredient used in pickling to firm up vegetables. You might also try markets that cater to Russians, as they also do a lot of home pickling. Is there a Jon's market near you?

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    1. re: Professor Salt

      Professor Salt, you rock.

      Not only do you tell the OP where to find it, you help the rest of us understand what the heck it is!

      1. re: happybaker

        professor salt, you DO rock. i'm in la canada, and have several persian-oriented places nearby, and with glendale just a few freeway offramps away, i should be able to find it closer than culver city! thanks! (i'm using it for cheesemaking, but good to know about the pickling use, as that's becoming very popular among home cooks.)

      2. re: Professor Salt

        since the help at some of these stores can be clueless, what section would i find it in? spice aisle? with produce? thanks so much!

        1. re: chez cherie

          I would try the aisle with salt and spices, but if they have a pickling section with mason jars and such, maybe look there too?

          1. re: chez cherie

            Canning supplies. Look for Ball's Pickle Crisp.