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Sep 24, 2011 04:36 PM

Bone-In Lamb Shoulder?

I used to get bone-in shoulder roasts fairly frequently in Nashville; I never did find a "butcher" (AKA Meat Department Guy) who could bone one, but although they're hard to carve and have a high bone-to-meat ratio they're so good to eat. Here, on the other hand, I'm finding boned shoulder, both frozen at places like Hawaii Supermarket (from China, about $8/lb) and fresh at Whole Foods (NZ I think, at $7/lb - go figure!). But I cannot find any bone-in shoulders. I've looked at Jon's in Glendale, assuming that a market with a heavily Middle-Eastern/Armenian clientele would have this, but no such luck. I'll start asking what real butchers I know of, but has anyone seen this anywhere on a regular basis? I'm dying to use one in a braise, and I want those bones in there!

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  1. This may be out of your area, but Gelson's in Century City has lamb shoulders in the back of the butcher counter. If they are out, they will order for you. And they will crack the bones for easier carving.
    So good!

    1. I've purchased bone-in Australian lamb shoulder at SuperKing, the Anaheim store. It's been a couple years though.

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        I 2nd the SuperKing, and there are two in your area: in Altadena on Lincoln just north of Woodbury and on San Fernando Road just west of the #2 freeway. Parking is horrible.

        At times they have actually carried American bone-in lamb.

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          EVERYTHING is horrible on that stretch of San Fernando, but if the Altadena store doesn't have it - and I don't think I've ever seen any lamb there at all - I'll just take my chances. I think I'll try Gelson's and Bristol Farms, just for grins; the latter was where a very nice young butcher happily trimmed and cut three lamb necks for me, and at a giveaway price. Thanks to everyone so far …

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            If you're ever in Mid-City, Marconda Meats at the Farmers Market usually debones it for me when I buy it, so I'm pretty sure they'd be happy to sell it with the bone intact if you ask.

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              I adore Marconda. I bought our thermoelectric cooler for the car so that I could buy fish on hot days in the SGV, and those huge 1.5" thick pork steaks from Marconda, without having to worry about getting stuck in traffic. That was of course before gas was $4/gallon …

              Nice to know they've got lamb shoulder. If we do that trip to LACMA Mrs. O has been hinting about it could happen. Thanks!

      2. Maybe the Grand Central Market downtown? Haven't been there in years, but do remember the sheeps' heads staring out of the meat case.

        Grand Central Market
        317 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90013

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          Kosher butchers on Pico can get you the neck and shoulder with blade.

        2. The Jon's at Hollywood & Vermont often has lamb shoulder. If you don't see it in the cooler, ask at the butcher counter.

          1. Top Value Market on Inglewood Blvd. in Culver City/West L.A. always has bone-in lamb shoulders and their prices are extrermely reasonable in all departments.