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Sep 24, 2011 03:13 PM

pate a choux


I was just watching the cooking channel and saw someone place pate a choux dough inside a square of puff pastry. They then wrapped the puff pastry up around the choux dough. I have to say that it looked fabulous! I tried to google it but found nothing. Does anyone know anything about this? Has anyone tried it?


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  1. Or has anyone tried to do this by wrapping the exterior in pie crust? I heard that adds a crispyness to the puff!

    1. anything inside the choux? sounds very one-dimensional...

      and if it's basically steaming inside the pastry, how does it crisp or brown?

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      1. re: hotoynoodle

        Yes- they then proceeded to fill it with pastry cream like one would with a regular cream puff. Apparently the pastry bakes together, forming a very crispy exterior.

        1. re: Steph648

          lol, i always prefer the filling to the pastry, so not my cup of tea here, but go for it!

      2. Not puff pastry, but I've make cream puffs with a pate sucree piece on top, rolled out in sugar for extra crunch and then filled from underneath as usual. It makes them look more uniform and the caramelization from the sugar the pastry is rolled in is fantastic.

        1. I just saw an episode of Unique Sweets on Cooking Channel and saw the same thing. I believe it is from the Clear Flour Bakery in MA. Can't find any website with a recipe though. I guess you just wrap a piece of puff pastry around some choux and hope for the best.

          1. I was reading Bouchon Bakery tonight and they recommend making a thin piece of sugar cookie dough and laying it atop the pate a choux before baking, for reasons like sarahjay has described here,