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Sep 24, 2011 12:59 PM

A failed experiment. What's yours?

I have been dying to make the red sweet and sour sauce from your typical American Chinese restaurants (yes, the gelatinous glop that in no way resembles real sweet and sour sauce). I've looked at a lot of recipes and felt that they were too over done, inaccurate or just weren't going to do what I was looking for. However, I can tell you, definitively, that you CAN NOT make it with sugar, rice vinegar, ketchup and tropical punch Kool-Aid. You can't. Do not try.

Anyone else have a failed experiment?

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  1. I once tried to make coconut marshmallows using coconut milk as some of the liquid (the recipe doesn't use egg whites so I thought the fat wouldn't be a problem) After whipping for almost 20 minutes (I usually do 12) they were still soft and we ate it with a spoon.

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    1. Do not try to improve on Cincinnati Chili with liquid smoke. Bleah. There's no fixing that.

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      1. re: Antilope

        You "theory" that doesn't sound that bad! I'm surprised it wasn't even palatable. Course, I'm having mac n' cheese and PB&J crackers for dinner so what do I know about palatable doesn't sound bad!

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          Antilope: Oh, bad cook! Dontcha know Cincinnati chili is sacrosanct?? Now make a REAL potful and plate a 5-way for penance. :)

        2. Tried to make a stuffing for poblanos with brown rice. It was abject.

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          1. re: paul balbin

            There are no words I have to express how much I laughed after reading this. Astoundingly flawless description. I am humbled. I dang near screwed up boxed Mac n' Cheese I was laughing so hard...

          2. Cake balls... I can make complicated cakes and complicated international dinner-items.. but somehow I messed up mixing frosting from a can with cake from a box...

            1. Hubby informed me at the last minute of a cookout we were invited to. Since I never like to go empty handed, I thought I'd make devilled eggs. To get done faster, I had the "brilliant" notion to boil the eggs in the microwave. BAD IDEA!! The ensuing pressure built up inside the micro blasted the door open, flinging partially cooked egg parts throughout the kitchen. I was finding tiny egg bits for weeks afterwards. The large pyrex 4 cup measuring cup that contained them survived without injury, however. BTW, I only had 4 eggs in there as this was a cookout w/ 2 other couples and I don't eat devilled eggs, but everyone else in the crowd likes them. Amazing how much carnage 4 eggs can create after being in the micro for ten min.

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              1. re: sherriberry

                Okay, this just cracked me up! Somewhat reminded me of when my son tried heating up a brownie in the mw to eat with ice cream for umm...2 minutes :)

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                  My DH tried to microwave an egg this week instead of boiling it. Same result you had. Egg everywhere. Ick.

                  1. re: Kat

                    There's a thread on that. It works if you wrap the egg in aluminum foil, submerging completely.