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Sep 24, 2011 12:46 PM

PEI Lobster Suppers in Late Nov?

I am flying home through Charlottetown in late Nov, and have 6 hours to kill on a Saurday afternoon between noon and 6 pm. Since there is not much to do at the airport, I was thinking of making a break from the airport and getting my fix of lobster. I checked the website for the New Glasgow lobster suppers (my favorite place) and they appear to be closed at that time of the year. Are there any other places open in late Nov that would have Lobster suppers? or failiing that a good place to satiate my fresh lobster fix?

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  1. Try the Water Prince Corner Shop, in Charlottetown. They close for the winter, but I don't think they close till Christmas time. Amazing fresh seafood!

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    1. re: troutpoint

      They closed Oct 20 - we were by there on the 22nd looking for a feed, wouldn't you know.

      1. re: butland

        Sorry! We were there on Thanksgiving and it didn't look like they were closing anytime soon... The place was full!