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Favorite recipes featuring beer as an ingredient?

After reading Mark Bittman's early September column "Beer as an Ingredient," I was inspired to host a fall porch party with seasonal beers and tasty food incorporating beer. My tentative menu includes the lightened Ale and Cheddar Soup from Bittman's column, some kind of beer-marinated grilled meat, and a Chocolate Stout Pudding for dessert.


What are your favorite recipes that feature beer as an ingredient? Starters, main dishes, desserts, whatever, I'm hungry! I'm especially interested in marinade recipes or ways to use beer for grilled meats or kebabs.

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  1. I regularly poach/parcook bratwursts in a beer-onion-peppercorn mixture before finishing on the grill.

    1. Beer Bread is great, and very easy.
      I also use beer in my beef stew, rather than broth or water.

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        "I also use beer in my beef stew, rather than broth or water."

        I do the same in many different meat dishes ( goulash, pot roast etc) instead of water. I always have dome Yuengling around...

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          I just had my first beer ice cream float and it was really good. Dark beer, vanilla bean ice cream, shot of chocolate syrup.

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            I just happen to have all three ingredients handy:
            Guinness, HD vanilla, and Fox's U-bet. Hopefully I don't love this concoction too much.

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              Cheese Boy, you're gonna thank me. U-bet is the only way to go.

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                HillJ, am I supposed to put all this in a blender at some point?
                Or am I whisking with a spoon?

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                  Neither actually. I was served a glass of dark beer with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream topped with the chocolate syrup. That's it. The ice cream and syrup blend as you enjoy it.

        2. i always use smoke beer in a braise (shanks, brisket sort of cuts).

          1. Beef stew meat or a cut-up beef roast, cut-up onions,cut-up portobello mushrooms, 1/2 cup flour, salt, an 8-oz can of tomato sauce, and 2-3 cans of beer. Cook in crockpot until beef falls apart. Eat with noodles (Spaetzel if you can get it) or potatoes. (Don't substitute other mushrooms for the portobellos as you want the dark intense juice.)

            1. Chili
              Cheddar beer soup

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                I second the motion concerning chili. I always use beer as the liquid for chili.

              2. 3/4 cup beer, 3/4 cup cake flour, 3/4 teaspoon salt.

                Batter onion rings, mushrooms, zucchini slices, etc. for frying. I often substitute rice flour for part of the cake flour, it seems to make the finished product crisper.

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                    Yes! I love carbonnade.

                    I also like mussels cooked in beer -- with ginger and finished with a bit of butter.

                  2. Marinate chicken in beer, kosher salt, thyme and lemon juice for at least 24 hrs and up to 4 days and char grill it. My fav. You can opt in or out a sauce. I like it bare...

                    1. On a whim I tried cooking elbow macaroni in beer instead of water to make mac n cheese. I also used an aged cheddar cheese that smelled an awful lot like beer (do they age cheese in beer?). I swear I needed a nap after eating it...but it was delicious and really rustic.

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                        What a great idea! I never would have though if that, but now I've got to try it!

                        1. toss up between beer battered fish and this meat pie thing I make that is topped with sliced potatoes. The recipe calls for about a cup of stout.

                          1. Beer can chicken on the bbq grill.

                            Hot mustard. It's simply dry mustard powder mixed with stale beer.

                            1. Beef stew with Guinness
                              Welsh Rarebit (more Guinness lol)
                              Brats simmered in beer before grilling

                              1. I braised beef cheeks, speck, bacon bones, smoked pork hocks, lentils and vegetables in Samuel Adams black lager (my favorite! Absolutely impossible to get here though...), make some buttery pastry and layered the meat/veggies in when it was at 'falling off the bone' point. Made a layer of mashed potato, then gravy from the pan, then added another layer of pastry to top it and baked. It made a huge pie which my partner and flatmates loved, but it's fairly indulgent in terms of carbs so I'll often just make the braise without the pastry or potatoes.

                                1. I have an old Beer Cheese recipe that's terrific. However, it calls for rolls of Kraft Nippy cheese product, which hasn't been made in years. I sub the little jars of Kraft Old English cheese spread (yeah, I know, Frankenfood) for an acceptable stand-in. You serve it in hollowed out bread, using the chunks of bread as the dippers. I also use it as a drizzle into super-spicy chili. Once it finally gets cooler, this is on the menu!

                                  1. like others, I beer goes in stew and chili. Guinness in the stew, a lager (usually yuengling) in the chili.

                                    and Chocolate Stout Cake. The one dessert hubby asks for.

                                    1. I substitute beer for water/broth in meatloaf. Yum.

                                      1. The Gramercy Tavern’s Gingerbread cake is exceptional, I'm so thankful CH's suggested it for me on a bundt cake thread last year.

                                        Here is a link:

                                        Everyone positively swoons over this! Plus it is better if you make it the day before.