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Sep 24, 2011 11:48 AM

new restaurants in Naples

there are a slate of new places that have opened (Agave, Pita Pit, Chipotles ) and are will be ( Seasons 52, some high end French where Mr. G's was)--

has anyone tried any of the new places and want to speculate about the upcoming ones?

Inca's Kitchen is still my favorite...

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  1. have tried the new was ok...but i would give them a while longer to get organized..(they ran out of food when we there on opening night)
    tried the pita pit..a guy in there basically called it a "greek burrito" but it was pretty good
    have had chipotles before as well..just a high end taco bell imo...
    i have heard of seasons 52..which will be wierd in naples tho...we only have two seasons...
    tourist season and hurricane season....

    and i have tried the peace love little donuts ..those are pretty good..

    i have heard of a few others...but i also dont eat out as much i will try them as time allows

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      Season's 52 is a Darden restaurant, albeit, a very good one. It is opening close to Capital Grille, also a Darden restaurant.

      I've not been to Seasons 52 in Naples yet but know I will do so. I like the concept and it is one of the few places not participating in the over-the-top calorie and fat competition that other restaurants are doing.

      The original concept was hatched in Orlando by the former head chef from California Grill at Disney. They have great wines, interesting vegetable collections and were the first with the little shot glass desserts (about 8 or 9 years ago I would guess).

      1. re: LilMsFoodie

        I really like Seasons 52- I was there for their first practice dinner service.

        The decor is beautiful and understated with stone and woods, the kitchen is open for all to see. Best part is the food, natch!

        All dishes are 475 calories or less, and the portion size is what I have had as the norm at spots all over Europe. You don't see many Europeans in Europe morbidly obese; excercise and dietary moderation being two factors.

        Those who frequent Buca di Beppo and other spots where you expect to leave with a big doggie bag will be disappointed. I'm happy, because I can have an app, main and tiny dessert and not fall asleep in a movie at the Mercato! The chef knows how to deftly use heat, spices and the freshest ingredients-I can't get ingredients that tasty at Pubix.

        Portions are a good size, it's not anyting like sitting with a Weight Watcher's plate, so prices are less, giving a very delicious product for the money. They open Oct 10th. The sister restaurant to The Capital Grill, they fill a very different niche. I expect service to be just as top notch as at TCG.

        I like Agave, and will go back again before I write about it-I'm reluctant to write so soon about any spot. It's beautiful, the brisket and hamburgers are heavenly, and the rest is being tweaked, according to friends who've been there a few times. The sister of Bonita Springs' top Angelina's, I know Agave will be a favorite, with its beautiful decor, food sith spicie and heatop restaurant in its field. , and just a great spot to hang out in.

        People are loudly telling the staff of their complaints and preferences, and it's confusing. At one table, the black bean soup was considered authentic and great (me), another thought it was too salty, another not salted enough, and another said it's not like his Cuban place makes. (Agave is Southwestern cuisine, as in New Mexico and Colorado, not Little Havana or Tex-Mex.) You get the picture- go pleae hundreds of very different palates, many used to Midwestern fare. The guacamole is delicious-hunks of Haas avocado and roasted garlic made tableside to order- mine is similar but my secret ingredients just might include good shots of Tequila, Cialis and ground Chipotle-I'll never tell!

        I like that Agave has flights of tequila-I should go with my designated driver and do a scientific study of some of the 150 brands available some evening!

        A third new spot is Dolce &Salato, on Third Street Next to Bice on Fifth Ave South. It's a well thought out Ialian cuisine boutique, not a formal restaurant. Their pastries and other baked goods are tops, truly amazing in taste and texture. You'd be impressed at the quality and authenticity. No surprise, they import choice things from Italy. Think a mini-Eataly, if you know the concept from NYC and from cities in Italy. The charmingly cosmopolitan couple that runs it are friendly and very knowledgeable about Italian and French cuisine, having owned successful restaurants in NYC, and grown up in Italy. I spent a quick hour talking with them, and will be a regular there for desserts-baking is not my forte.

        It's well worth a visit and a chat-bring back pastries, cold cuts, and cheeses. There's a wine tasting Oct 22 on Italian wines that will have live entertainment and hors d'oeuvres. I put a little more at;


        M Waterfront and IM Tapas knocked 60 diners socks off with a multicourse wine dinner with one key ingredient-foie gras! the last dinner will be October 17th. Chef Brian woks with Roy's Exec Chef David Speegle on quail eggs as the theme. Don't underestimate what can be created around a tiny egg theme!

        Trader Joes, Barbatella, and many others will hurry to open by end of Dec to catch the season's five feasting months, then make it through the off season.

        Little Havana Restaurant
        721 S Federal Hwy, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441