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Sep 24, 2011 10:45 AM

Seeking grocery store with huge variety of cheap produce in Santa Clara Valley

I've just moved up from LA, and I'm looking for a grocery store with a produce department like the one at Super King, which features:

Huge variety: three kinds of eggplant most of the year; four kinds of plums in the summer; more greens than I can count.

Really cheap: Summer pricing: Mexican squash for 33c/lb; cilantro 7 bunches / $1; nectarines 70c/lb. Citrus practically free in the winter.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. The largest variety of produce would be at a Ranch 99 I would guess. I get most of my produce at a Japanese Produce market called Imahara in Cupertino (at Stevens Creek and Wolfe) They have lots of seasonal produce at the best prices I have seen.

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      Thanks a lot! I'll check 'em out.

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        I like Imahara's, too, and would add Sigona's in the Stanford Shopping Center (more high-end), Olson's Cherry Orchard (for fruit and tomatoes), and the Milk Pail in Mt.View (for cheap everything).

      2. Mi Pueblo which is a chain of Mexican markets is also very good. I was at the store on Capitol and Mckee Rd San Jose this morning. They did have Mexican squash, didnt notice the price. I did get nectarines for 79c/lb. besides lots of varieties of fruits and veggies I like the fact the store is very clean and tidy. I have always seen at least one produce worker there at all times. they also have a Nopales station where they clean and chop fresh to order. If you like them, I do but most of my F&F dont.

        1. Felipe's Market in Sunnyvale has good prices and selection for fruits.

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            Thanks, all! Horn of plenty here.