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Sep 24, 2011 10:36 AM

arrosto any problems I hope not

we've been to arrosto about 15 times since it opened, 13 times were very good, last 2 times not good at all
also the restaurant is up for sale, anybody got the skinny on this please ?


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  1. Goodness, and they only opened last year. A Carmine's extension could have thrived even in an area with plenty of restaurants had the recession not persisted this long. I'm more of a Piero's guy anyway, despite the crowded smaller space.

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    1. re: Big_Salad

      or, maybe they're just interested in cashing out, you never know,

    2. We went last Saturday night for the first time at 8pm; four of us. The couple with us had previously been to Arrosto. We were right on time but it seemed a table was not available. The bar was two deep; it was suggested we order drinks. The hostess was unwilling to estimate the waiting time; her attitude was what did you expect, it was Saturday night; it did not seem like she was having a good day. The room certainly was energetic; the guests all seemed to be enjoying themselves; the food looked good; a pizza oven in the middle of the main room is a nice feature .
      Some how, in ten minutes, a table became available. Now another wait at the table to be greeted by the waiter; i had not ordered a cocktail in the bar. The waiter can't be found but the hostess somehow realizes we have not been served (even water) and happily takes my cocktail order.
      Waiter is found, the water is served as well as bread; excellant bread basket.
      We order and the first courses are quit good; i had a simple salad but the others cooked items.
      Now the main course for two is served, the pasta. the fish special for the night ordered by the other two does not arrive; the table is advised that the fish comes from another part ot the kitchen. Wow, no expeditor in the kitchen; we don't get it. The orders finally arrive after the pasta dishes have been finished. What was surprising is that food was quit good if not excellent

      1. found it to be very average, at best.
        Somethings outright not good.
        Service was amateurish, scattered, distracted, or just standing in the corner on their cell phones.
        But the food is, as I said, only fair to average and nothing that makes me want to go BACK for.

        1. Arrosto is not going anywhere. Not sure why anyone would start a rumor like that.

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            Intrepid didn't say it would be torn down then converted to a Bank of America/CVS/Dunkin Donuts/Five Guys. Plenty of restaurants retain their name and menu after being sold.

            1. re: nonnos

              its up for sale,lets leave it there

              1. re: intrepid

                ooooh but a five guys would be nice! I like arrosto for the record. yopu know what I would love to see there is a re:napoli but the large scale may not work

                1. re: cubanat

                  i been arrosto many times, usually very good, putting that aside, yes they are shopping the place

            2. The last time we were there everything was subpar. We used to go often and then, everything changed. We were sorely disappointed and haven't been back since May.

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                bada bing badaboom exactly my thoughts