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Sep 24, 2011 10:32 AM

Too Many Juniper Berries??

So I prepped a porchetta this last night. Made a mix of roasted fennel, garlic, dried chili's, salt and
juniper berries, in the mortar and pestle.
Spread the paste inside the 12 pound inside the porchetta.
Probably used 3 Tablespoons of juniper berries.

I am worried it is way toooo much.
Do I need to scrape it off?????

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  1. I've never made porchetta (and I'm not sure I've ever eaten it). So I'm not sure what it should taste like. Juniper is quite well flavoured and I only ever use it sparingly in things.

    That said, the piece of meat is 12 pounds? That's enormous. So perhaps 3 tablespoons isnt too much.

    Sorry - not being very helpful.

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    1. re: Harters

      That is what I am hoping. But it is a beautiful, beautiful roast.
      I don't want to ruin it.

      1. re: mendogurl

        Juniper berries are pretty intense but you have 12# of pork. Somehow I think it'll be fine. If you can't quite quell the feeling of "maybe too much juniper", you can certainly remove some of the seasoning paste. How much of a percentage of juniper to the other spices?

        I found it interesting and just a bit odd to use juniper berries in this preparation; it's usually just fennel seed, rosemary, thyme, garlic, crushed red pepper, maybe sage, even coriander and orange zest, but I've never seen juniper used for porchetta. Should be quite tasty with the pork, and different. Did you have a specific recipe, or you went with your gut?

    2. The ratio of juniper berries to meat is not overkill in my opinion. I use juniper berries often and just love their flavour. Having had porchetta many, many times I personally love lots of juniper in it. If you are worried about it, scrape some off but it may be just perfect. How much fennel and roasted garlic?

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      1. re: chefathome

        I read an interesting recipe using juniper berries and roasted fennel with porchetta.

        But I was worried about ruining this amazing roast.
        So I unrolled it, scraped it out and redid it with less juniper.

        I am figuring three hours. Hard to tell with such a big roast. But I do have an instant read.
        I'll take it out at 145 degrees. Sound right?

        1. re: mendogurl

          Yes- perfect. It should still be blush pink at 145 (carry-over to 150). Sounds so delicious! Man, I love porchetta.

          Bet you'll have a wonderful meal!

          1. re: chefathome

            Her's the menu!
            It's a dinner to celebrate the last of my summer garden.

            Watermelon mojito posicles
            Honeydew cucumber margarita posicles

            Cucumber cocktails

            stuffed squash blossoms
            burrata with sliced heirloom tomatoes and crostini, and anchovies

            green beans with hazelnuts

            Fresh melon, dates and gelato