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Sep 24, 2011 10:29 AM

BBQ help! Cooking fat chicken legs on a charcoal BBQ with no lid today... Ruh roh.. Tips? [PICS]

Okay so I'm on vacation in Mexico with family, and their charcoal BBQ here is open style with no lid.

Furthermore, the chicken legs I bought are some of the fattest I've ever seen, compounding the problem. Finally, they don't have a temperature sensor I can poke with.

I can vary the height of the grill by winding the big crank.

Any tips or suggestions? I usually cut the pieces into leg and thigh portions at home, not sure if that should be done here or whether it would make any difference.

I'm using this recipe, but obviously not butterflying:

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  1. You should be fine. Make your fire on one side so you have a cool side and a hot side. You can jockey them around to avoid burning. You can separate into leg and thigh if you want. And if you're feeling really ambitious, you could trim out the backbone for easier eating.

    Good luck, wish I was there.

    1. When grilling chicken legs, I usually score the meat all the way through to the bone in a couple of spots. Not only does it help it cook all the way, but any marinade or rub you may be using will penetrate more deeply.

      1. You could always tent them with tinfoil.

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          Socks, don't sweat the small stuff. This is not a problem at all. Do, however, follow the 'chilihead's' instructions and remove the backbone piece. And while you've got the cutting board out, remove all the excess fat. It is not necessary to cut the legs in any way. And, I agree with mike again, build a two-side fire. Lastly, place the chicken 'skin side up' in the beginning. As the coals burn off a little, then you can alternate some of the legs 'skin side down', watching for possible flare-ups. Toward the end of the cooking, you can finish all the legs with the 'skin side down'. This is a regular item on our charcoal grill. I never use the lid unless it's raining. Oh, and try to shake off as much marinde as possible. This will keep the flames under control. Enjoy.