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Sep 24, 2011 10:02 AM

NYTimes discovers Septime

With Septime receiving so much discussion on this Board I thought the short review below would be of interest. Cheers.

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  1. Bummer. Somehow the NYT always manages to ruin a great new restaurant before I get to Paris to enjoy it. Because of this review, by the time I come in May a reservation will be impossible to get, the place will be packed with tourists (yes, I know I'm a tourist too) and the quality/price ratio will very likely suffer as the result of the mass rush. Oy.

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    1. re: plafield

      Makes you understand why Camdeborde limited the reservations for Le Comptoir evening service so that it wouldn't be overrun with tourists. We are going in March and hope either that we will be able to get into the places being reviewed now or into the places that have yet to be discovered!

      1. re: plafield

        It is a very good article though, and it describes the place and its philosophy quite faithfully.

        Septime is already difficult to book and I don't think the NYT will make much of a difference. The place hasn't waited for the NYT to fill up, and it is already packed with foreigners. Bertrand and his crew are perfectly in control and I wouldn't expect them to let the quality-price ratio slip out on any pretext. They're already overworked and it's getting better and better.