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Sep 24, 2011 08:33 AM

Compiling a list of ethnic enclaves in London

Howdy CHers,

I'm constantly trying to broaden my London horizons and travel to obscure areas to eat and experience the many cultures the city houses. I really enjoy travelling to areas with distinctive ethnic attributes, i.e., the Broadway in Southall, where you feel a bit like you've trekked across the world rather than 20 minutes on a train, and thought a comprehensive thread would be a great addition to the board.

Off the top of my head :

Afro-Caribbean : Brixton, Harlesden, Stonebridge, Tottenham, Dalston, Lewisham, Peckham
Bengali : Whitechapel / Tower Hamlets
Chinese: Chinatown
Greek - Palmers Green
Japanese: Ealing, Golders Green, East Finchley
Jewish : Golders Green, Stanford Hill
Korean : New Malden
Middle Eastern: Edgware Road
South Asian: Southall
Vietnamese: Deptford, Shoreditch (Kingsland Road), Hackey (Mare Street)

Please feel free to add (and correct me if mine are wrong).

Happy Saturday!!!

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  1. Turkish - Green Lanes and Dalston?

      1. In my opinion, Caribbean food is so so in Brixton and Lewisham and passable in Peckham. Good Caribbean food is scattered around London, there isn't one area that I would rate as definitive of the cuisine. Croydon has a few good and great places that i enjoy, namely Tasty Jerk and the Roti hut along Surrey st market, there's also a stall along the market that used to do geat jerk fish, I don't know if it's still there.

        Peckham/Deptford is excellent for homestyle/street style or sit-down Nigerian food.

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          I'll admit I copied that portion from wikipedia (Caribbean settlement in the UK).

          Granted this is a food board so food should be the primary factor, but Brixton definitely has a very strong Caribbean presence so I think if someone is looking to explore Caribbean culture in the UK they would be hard pressed to find a better environment (and perhaps sample some so-so food in the process).

        2. Colombian/South American in Elephant and Castle and Brixton

          Brazilian in Willesden Green

          Portuguese in Stockwell

          Romanian (smallgoods, people, not restaurants) in Golders Green

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            Sri Lankan and South Indian in Wembley.

          2. There's a few Ethiopian places on Caledonian Road.

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            1. re: AndyFilo

              ...and in Southwark and Lambeth!