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Sep 24, 2011 07:18 AM

Coffee spots in Liberty Village?

Going to Liberty Village this afternoon.. Can anyone recommend a good coffee shop? Somewhere just to sit and relax and have a coffee??


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  1. I would recommend Balzac's Coffee on 55 Mill St right across Liberty Noodle. There is another coffee shop called Barista Espresso next to the cupcake store, For the Love of Cake. Also, if you would just like to go to Starbucks, there is one near the Metro. My routine with my bf is to grab cupcakes from FTLOC and head to Balzac's for some lovely cappuccinos to wash them down.

    Have fun!

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      Just a quick comment that 55 Mill St is actually the address of the Distillery District, where the original Toronto Balzac's is located. The Liberty Village location is at 43 Hanna Avenue.