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Sep 23, 2011 11:04 PM

Too many juniper berries??


So I prepped a porchetta this evening. Made a mix of roasted fennel, garlic, dried chili's, salt and
juniper berries, in the mortar and pestle.
Spread the paste inside the 12 pound inside the porchetta.
Probably used 3 Tablespoons of juniper berries.

I am worried it is way toooo much.
Do I need to scrape it off?????

  1. Well, gee, I hope it came out all right … that's not too many, as long as nobody was forced to eat them (they aren't harmful, but like bay leaves just no fun to eat). Not having a handle on your porchetta recipe - don't quite understand your description up there, "inside the 12 pound inside"?? - I have no idea whether your diners would be facing this on a fork or not. If I got something like that on my plate I'd just politely set it aside. But I don't see the flavor's being too strong.

    1. What are the quantities of the other spices? Is that fennel seeds or bulb?

      1. There is a discussion on the Home Cooking board, please add your thoughts there - thank you.