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Sep 23, 2011 09:29 PM

Kitchen 1540 vs. Lodge at Torrey Pines vs. Rancho Valencia?

We have an anniversary coming up and I'm looking for which of these restaurants will not disappoint. Any thoughts on which is the most progressive and won't try to rush us out the door for the next table? Should we be considering George's Modern in this list too? Thanks in advance for any direction.

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  1. Kitchen 1540. The chef of Rancho Valencia moved to 1500 Ocean.

    1. If money is no object, you can book for the TBL3 experience at George's.

      Info here:

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      1. You MUST try the White Flag Menu at KITCHEN 1540. Definitely something special. They send out food until you "waive the white flag." And you get to meet the chefs that create each dish. Will be a night to remember!

        KITCHEN 1540
        1540 Camino, Del Mar Del Mar, CA

          1. Of those three Kitchen 1540 is probably the best, but A.R.Valentien Grill (The Lodge) wouldn't disappoint and if I were to add one restaurant it would Addison at the Grand Del Mar which seems to be the consensus "best" of San Diego right now.