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Sep 23, 2011 08:01 PM

mercato or agriturismo in hudson valley

Any preferences for a weekend meal with a college age daughter? Our go to is Terrapin but we want to try something different. Both of these sound great so it's a tough decision.

Thanks for any advice.

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  1. Haven't been to Agriturismo, but Mercato has very good food and the clientele can be very interesting. We also like Flatiron a lot--we sit at the bar and it's a friendly atmosphere. Swoon in Hudson is Pretty Cool...caps intended.

    1. What a lucky daughter you have....a choice between two of my favorite restaurants in the Mid-Hudson Valley. Go for it--one next time and the other after that!

      Both restaurants are big into the best of the local ingredients. And the chefs know how to use them.

      The downside of Mercato is that it can get noisy. Some people enjoy that, others don't. Also, and I assume your daughter is a student at Bard, Mercato is located nearby in Red Hook; Agriturismo is about 20 miles down the road.

      And don't forget to make reservations; you'll need them.

      61 E Market St, Red Hook, NY

      1. Thanks for the advice - decided on Agriturismo and it was lovely. Nice atmosphere, yummy food, and a gorgeous ride up there on route 82. Thanks for the advice.