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Sep 23, 2011 07:33 PM

Where to find good whole bean coffee in Montgomery County, MD?

We've just moved to the area from North Carolina and are trying to get the lay of the land. I was used to going to the Whole Foods and Southern Season stores in Chapel Hill for a great selection of coffee, but when we stopped by the Whole Foods in the Kentlands a couple of weeks ago, their whole bean coffee selection was sorely lacking.

I checked out a thread here and read about Mayorga, Zekes, Second Swings as some local roasters. Anyone know what retail stores in Montgomery County sell any of these brands, apart from actually visiting their stores?

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  1. You can buy Mayorga directly from the Southlawn lane location where they roast.
    Not sure about the days/hours when they are open to the public, I'm sure a call or website visit would tell you.

    Southlawn lane is about 15 minutes from the Kentlands

    1. Whole Foods (at least the ones in Virginia) carries Swing's. You might try calling another one. Quartermaine's is another local roaster. Headquarters/roaster is in Rockville, and they have a few retail outlets. I've seen one or two of their blends in Whole Foods also.

      1. I agree with mdfoodlover about visiting the Mayorga warehouse/roaster. It's on the far side of an industrial park [think cement plants] where the road looks like it's either coming to a deadend or heading off into the woods. They'll have a limited selection of the week’s overruns at good prices, but they're only open Thursday & Friday 12pm to 5pm and Saturdays from 10am to 3pm.

        Y'all are probably closer to their King Farm coffee shop. Drop by and check out some of their roasts before heading to the warehouse. or buying a big bag at Costco.

        1. I'm new to Montgomery Village and so far have been buying my coffee at Trader Joe's. I'd be interested in hearing how you fare. I'd even join you for Coffee one Sunday morning. When you were in Kentland's did you see chloes coffee - I think on Main Street. The Yelp reviews are positive.

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            Chloe's doesn't sell their beans, do they?

            Speaking of the Kentlands, have you been to SpagnVola? I had the best cappuccino I've ever had (outside of Italy).

          2. I go to Quartermaine. There's a location in downtown Bethesda and one in North Bethesda, plus you can also get it at (some) Whole Foods.