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Sep 23, 2011 07:18 PM

Double Posting

The CA board had a Pine Nuts posting that I suggested might get more/better information if posted on the Home Cooking board too. The OP's and my comments have magically disappeared, yet the original topic remains. Is it a felony to post the same topic on two boards?
Please explain so the OP and I understand why this happened.

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  1. If the poster was looking for recipes using pine nuts then home cooking would be right. But since he/she wants recommendations on where to buy them in Northern California (somebody needs to find out where more specifically since they might mean in the SF board region) then the post is probably on the correct board. I do think that CH generally keeps posts to one board where applicable. And since either California or SF are the right boards then having another post (or discussing posting someplace else such as the Home Cooking board) would be off topic.

    1. Generally, posts have a single home. There are some topics and some boards that are a little fuzzy around the edges, but most of them pretty clearly belong in one spot. We try to keep them in that spot, so that others can find them in the future.

      Asking for local sources for a product is a question for the regional boards, rather than Home Cooking.