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Sep 23, 2011 07:03 PM

such a deal - burgers on the edge

Last night I went to Burger's on the Edge, one of the "gourmet" burger places in town. I wasn't that hungry, but a friend was driving and buying . . .

They had a 1/4 pound 'homestyle' burger combo for under $7. The burger was topped with lettuce, tomato, and thousand island dressing and came with fries and a drink. I upgraded to sweet potato fries for $1, and cheese would have been 50 cents more.

The burger was excellent, cooked to just medium (health code required), a good bun (this time I choose whole wheat), and as always here the sweet potato fries were fantastic. All for under $8 including tax. I'm not absolutely positive, but I think it's hard to get a quarter pounder combo for much less than that even from the clown or the golden arches, and this was infinitely better.

The friend, who is being good about his diet, asked for no bun and tossed greens instead of fries. He enjoyed his as well, and they didn't charge extra for the substitutes.

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  1. i got their foi gras kobe burger here once and i was really disappointed, especially at the price. bun just falls apart and isn't tasty.

    you mentioned that they only make medium rare or more cooked, and that is such a shame, in my opinion. the middle of the burger has to be almost raw for me.

    i prefer kua aina at ward center for a real get down burger.

    my 2cents.

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    1. re: indelibledotink

      the medium rare is a health department requirement. kua aina is held to the same standard. personally i agree with you, just wave it gently over the grill and I'm a happy camper. I've not spent the money at burgers on the edge for the kobe/wagyu burger as most of the benefit of the more expensive beef is the texture, and what's the point in that if you are going to grind it. And since I am not a fan of liver in any form, even foie gras... no point for me there either.

      1. re: KaimukiMan

        my sis just had dinner there, she was impressed. they were daring enough to let her have a rare burger. i'm going to try them out soon and will leave a review!

        has anyone had a burger at the counter in kahala mall?

        1. re: indelibledotink

          not sure if you have ever read this posting/thread (so nice to have the related links back)

          The counter here is the same as the ones on the mainland. I believe they grind their meat throughout the day, so it always tastes fresh, and they have a good selection of toppings. My only complaint is that they make the burgers too thick, so its halfway to a meatball shape rather than a patty. I don't want a thin patty, but this makes it hard to eat, and have a big mouth (shush.) Still they are tasty.

          1. re: indelibledotink

            Been there three or four times, handy when catching a movie. Service can be spotty, as can the cooking. Sometimes *medium - pink* comes out full-on well done, sometimes spot on.

            All in all a good burger, freshly prepared and they certainly have plenty of ways to customize them to your taste. The meat is quite lean so pink or medium rare makes sense...or rare if you like. (Personally, if I want rare I'll get steak tartare or grill the burger at home with meat ground to order at a local market.)

            Last time a couple of college guys next us ordered the large size with everything including the special of the day-- tempura bacon. They offered us a piece of bacon and it was delicious, but both of them were challenged in finishing their burgers!

            When service is on they ofer refills on soft drinks.

      2. I didn't care for Burgers On the Edge when I visited, but this deal might have made my meal there more enjoyable. I frankly don't understand why the fries ala carte are so expensive and so skimpy.