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Sep 23, 2011 05:06 PM

Cleaning my Zojirushi?

Hi! I bought a Zojirushi CV-DSC40 for xmas and have been happily brewing tea for months. I notice a layer of hard water deposits on the bottom of the water container. Any tips on how I should clean it?

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  1. I'd think that a soak in a solution of citric acid and water would do the trick. Citric acid is also sold in the Kosher section as "sour salt", but is also the ingredient used in commercial descaling powders.

    I've personally used it to descale my espresso machine.

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      How many parts citric acid to water do you suggest? How long do you soak for?

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        Here's both a source and some guidelines. I've always just winged it myself, without measuring, but to be sure follow these guidelines:

    2. I normally use vinegar but there are directions near the back of the user's manual on how to use citric acid.

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      1. One way of dealing with this going forward is to only use distilled water in your hot water heater. We do that routinely. We just purchased a new Zojirushi as the previous one died of old age (>10 years). We never needed to descale the old heater over the entire lifetime. You do need to remember to buy a couple of gallons of distilled water every time you shop, however. Enjoy!

        1. Buy citric acid. There's a chemical supply shop near downtown that sells it. It's quite cheap. The manual tells you how to mix the solution for this.

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            Thanks for the tip! Do you know the name or what street it's on?

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                Thanks again for all the info! I purchased a pound of citric acid from Atlas Chemical and following the cleaning instructions I was able to get rid of over 95% off the crud at the bottom.