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Sep 23, 2011 04:32 PM

1or8 is def a top Brooklyn resto, pricey end

We like to sit and the sushi bar and order the omakase (I think the $70 pp kind).
The sushi is not strictly traditional in style but not silly. The quality is excellent: fresh obviously, each fish actually tastes like its supposed to. Esp good are uni, ameabi, some kind of little mackerel. No fish was bad. Chefs are skilled yet friendly.

We've only tried some of the non-sushi items. Excellent apps are the dumplings, hamachi and octopus ceviche. Entrees: Duck Two-Ways is excellent; grilled fish too. Desserts are very good, and made in- house, which is unusual. House cocktails are good.

Decor is great. Really like the Corian sushi bar with no little glass fridge.
Service is skilled.

What's not so hot? The ramen on the late-night only menu. Soup base tastes oily, pork is all fat, noodles seem to be the mass-manufactured kind. Hope they start over on this dish.

Overall, we think its (1) our fave resto in Brooklyn overall, (2) def should be in any Top 5 of Brooklyn for food, and (3) is a very legit alternative to sushi-focused sushi in Downtown Manhattan (we go to Ushi and 15 East). A good place to take visitors to Brooklyn.

Costs about $100 pp. Could easily be lower, or higher.

For reference, our other fave restos in Brooklyn, strictly on the basis of food and in order of freq, are: Frannys, Fonda, Marlow & Sons, Prime Meats, and Frankies 457. Also like Dressler but its been a while.

1 or 8
66 S 2nd St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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  1. I fully agree with you, 1 or 8 is probably one of the best restaurants in Williamsburg and best Japanese in NY area. Everything taste really authentic, service is attentive and dishes are very well put together.

    BTW you should try Betto, ISA and Masten and Lake. looking at your list of restaurants you will love them.

    1 or 8
    66 S 2nd St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

    138 N 8th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

    348 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

    Masten Lake
    285 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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    1. re: jmoranmoya

      Thx for agreeing w my 1st post on chowhound! Thx for the recs, they look good, hope they carry on the best aspects of their lineage.

    2. My husband and I love 1 or 8 too. Definitely most comparable to 15 East in terms of style of sushi. I believe that the sushi chef used to work at 15 East, or worked with the guy from 15 East at Jewel Bako or something. We've been mixed on the cooked food but the sushi omakase has always been delicious. Very pricey though.

      1 or 8
      66 S 2nd St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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      1. re: The Cookbook Addict

        The chef, Kazuo Yoshida was at Jewel Bako, as was the chef of 15 East, Shimizu. They were there a long time ago, closer its opening.

        1. re: sushiman

          I would say he was there in jewel bako's heyday. My GF and I love 1or8. The omakase is what we do. Kazuo is great to chat with. I love their blog pics.


      2. Went for omakase twice last week. Right now, really lIke the ika and a cold mousse-like topping he makes out of the mustard of a lobster's head (forget which fish it was on).

        Hi Sushiman, I see from your posts you really like your sushi. Any top picks for sushi in LA? Are any of the super-pricey omakases worth it? I've tried Sasabune in LA (I liked it but I see many hate it for alleged pre-slicing etc) and Sushi-Gen (good fish, great value).