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Would you eat fresh octopus?

I ate this in Korea for curiosity. They chopped it in pieces and served it. I started to panic a little when its tentacles started to crawl onto the table. It kinda stuck to my inside cheek. Must say this particular dish was not very tasty, but loved the novelty of it. Would you eat fresh octopus?

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  1. Yup. Actually eaten it at sushi places. It's called mizutako. Tastes great with a sprinkle of kosher salt. I only wish I had clean sea water ro use as a very light dip.

      1. If I still at octopus I would. But I have problems eating such an highly intelligent animal.

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          Agree. Can't imagine eating such a highly intelligent animal.

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            If it is so intelligent, what is it doing chopped up on a plate?


            Seriously - I'd try it - but I'll eat anything!

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                I eat pork. I stopped eating octopus because of stories that I read and the amount of enrichment needed to keep them from not getting bored in captivity. I decided that they deserved the respect of not eating them. I know it doesn't make any sense to anyone other than me or the BF who decided to join me in my decision.

                Charlotte's Web just made me think, "cute story, but where is the bacon?"


          2. I've had it at sushi places a number of times and it is quite good. I've eated it cooked many times as well... tasty, especially when my grandma made it.

            1. Of course, I eat it.

              It regularly appears on Spanish menus and, on a my last trip earlier in the month, had it as carpaccio and as the major part of a seafood frito Mallorquin. Delicious both times.

              1. I've also eaten it as sushi. YUM!

                1. Probably not still trying to grab at me; that's a bit too fresh. But just off the boat and sliced up, or grilled, I would dearly love to try it. So far I've just had fried, and the cold octopus that's served as dim sum, both very enjoyable, but that's fresh only as opposed to pickled.

                  1. I don't know if I would have an issue with eating octopus pieces as they moved across the table. I am open to the idea, but I might have some visceral sentiment against it as I watched it squirm. I have eaten plenty of freshly cooked octopus, though. One of my favorite ways is in hae mul jab tang or Korean spicy seafood soup---in many restaurants a whole small octopus is included in the seafood medley and sits a top the giant bubbling bowl of soup. You or the server snips it up with scissors at the table and you eat it last since it takes a while to cook in the hot broth on the table top burner/hotpot. I haven't ever had a problem with snipping up a whole dead octopus in my hae mul tang, but I can't guarantee that I would make the jump to eating it while it was still moving.

                    1. I would, and I have, and I love it. :)

                      1. I eat octopus with no problem, but I draw the line at any cuisine that involves lopping of bits of a living animal. If they kill the octopus before chopping it up, I'll eat it - I've had it both cooked and as sashimi.

                        1. I love getting octopus at a sushi restaurant. That being said, if I was faced in the same situation you were, I don't think I could do it. You are a brave soul.