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Sep 23, 2011 03:39 PM

What restaurant will I love?

I'm looking to try a new place for dinner Saturday night. Like all our standby options, but I just want to try something I haven't tried before - so many good options, and we tend to go to our favorites over and over again instead of trying new. What do you recommend for a date night?

Some of the restaurants we like a lot, food and ambience-wise:
- Bolsa
- Lucia, but impossible to get a reservation
- the new Marquee - we would go there again, but I can't get a reservation at the time I want
- the Grape
- Samar, but too crazy on a weekend
- we used to love Lola, the Tasting Room, and miss it a lot

Like, but not blown away:
- Abacus
- Stephen Pyles

Anything in that vein? Good food is important!

614 W Davis St, Dallas, TX

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  1. If you like Lucia (and, who doesn't) you'll probably also enjoy Nonna on Lomo Alto across from WholeFoods.

    I love Hattie's in Bishop Arts. Have their great, Caesar salad and shrimp 'n grits (my usual meal there).

    Also excellent: Salum

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      Big agreement with Nonna--had a great meal there last Saturday night. The stuffed squash blossoms were the best dish I have had this year.

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        I absolutely agree with Nonna. The chef used to work at Oliveto in Berkeley, CA, one of my favorite Italian restaurants in the world. Whether you prefer it to Lucia is sort of a matter of what kind of Italian your like. I'm partial to Lucia, but both are really, really good.

        The very best dish I've had all year, including two or three trips to NYC, was a pork steak with tomatoes and arugula on it at Nonna. Sounds simple, but it was just divine.

        And if you like Stephen Pyles, a few suggestions. First, you might also try Fearing's. Similar in many respects, but I like Fearing's better. Finally, I think Charlie Palmer's at the Joule is better than either one. Local restaurant in Deep Elum is nice. Also, try Craft. It's pretty good.

      2. I like a lot of the same restaurants you do ... suggest Tei-An.

        1722 Routh St, Dallas, TX 75201

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        1. re: foiegras

          Good suggestion. I was thinking off adding Tei-An to my above list but didn't.

          1722 Routh St, Dallas, TX 75201

        2. I suppose you are only wanting upscale restaurants?

          I can tell what type of restaurants you live but love them depends on the dishes. What dishes have yopu had at these restaurants?

          Would you be willing to try any not so upscale places?