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Wolfberries or Goji berries

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Wolfberries or Goji berries are reported to be an excellent diet fruit and are the latest fad in diet foods.
They have a high glycemic index and powerful anti-oxidant properties. High in vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
They are grown in China and Tibet.
Does anyone know if they are available in the GTA? Chinatown perhaps?

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  1. Wolfberries are a staple in Chinese medicinal soups/teas - you can get them cheap in most, if not all, Chinese supermarkets, located in the herb sections. No need to go to an herbalist or buy them in Health Food stores. They come prepackaged in 100g or more.

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      Are these the little dried red berry-like things in chinese herbal soups? I remember them being a bit tart and "seedy".


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        Yes, those are dried Goji berries.

    2. They actually have a very LOW glycemic index because they have such high fibre. They don't spike your sugar so they are great for sustained energy. You can get them at the Bulk Barn but they are available much cheaper at chinese supermarkets.

      1. The best place to buy good quality wolfberries at a good price is from a Chinese herbalist. They will be much cheaper than in a health food store, though not as cheap as at the Chinese supermarket, but far superior in quality. Downtown, I favour the large herbalist on the south side of Dundas a short ways west of Huron (on street level). They have always been helpful and I've always been pleased with the quality of the herbs they sell. I do not remember the name. Also the best place to buy top quality shiitake.

        The wolfberries sold in Chinese supermarkets are somewhat inferior in quality to those sold in Chinese herbal shops - but a great deal compared to the prices charged in health food and organic food stores.

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          Recipes typically call for only a small amount of dried goji berries. They are plentiful in nature and could be considered cheap in price. Given that they are used for health reasons, buying the best quality would be the way to go. I'm thinking a good Chinese herbalist is the best bet. On a side note, I know goji berries are grown in Ontario and Alberta back yards (and probably elsewhere too in Canada).