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Anyone have a good recipe. Thanks.

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  1. I may be thinking of braciole.

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    1. If it's the vegetable.......cook like cauliflower / broccoli lemon olive oil and garlic

      1. I'm pretty sure he means braciole.

        In which case, this is one I like: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/al...

        1. Bruccilone is very similar to braciole, only the name makes it a different dish, to be honest; a stuffed and tied roll of pounded veal or beef cutlet braised in a rich tomato sauce. Veal cutlets are often used instead of beef for bruccilone, and the stuffing includes hard boiled eggs, ham or prosciutto, various cheeses, etc, much like braciole or variations of it. You're on the right track with the recipe in the first link.

          This dish (bruccilone) seems to be big family favorite among Americans of Sicilian descent in New Orleans, and has many alternative spellings. Every family probably has their own recipe, passed down through generations.

          I make my braciole with a breadcrumb, herb and pecorino stuffing, then braise the browned rolls in a rich tomato sauce; sometimes I add pine nuts or even a dollop of basil pesto to the stuffing. There are many stuffing options, although the rolling, stuffing and braising technique is the same.

          Have fun. With the cold weather coming, this will make a great Sunday dinner, when it's normally served.

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          1. You'll have to search under Brociolone for recipes. HTH.