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Sep 23, 2011 12:48 PM

Poached eggs - serving ideas?

I have been going through a serious poached eggs phase lately. Sadly, I'm not that creative with how I serve them. I have eaten them plain, on toast, on welsh rarebit, on toast with cheese and sauteed veggies (note the many toast variations) and am planning on trying them on ratatouille this weekend. Any other ideas - including ones that don't involve toast? Thanks so much!

Edited to say that I am vegetarian - I eat eggs and dairy but no meat, fish, poultry.

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  1. You could serve them over polenta, rice, fish (salmon is nice), wilted greens, roasted vegetables, or spinach salads (the egg becomes the dressing). Or you could make a batch of eggs in purgatory (shakshuka), which poaches the eggs in a lovely tomato stew--Smitten Kitchen has a decent recipe for this last one.

    I'm in an egg phase myself at the moment.

    1. I like two halves English muffin...toasted....two poached eggs on top...A generous serving of well seasoned red beans cooked with Andouille, tasso, etc....A few shots of Tabasco/Louisiana Hot Sauce on top to finish it off......


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      1. Mario Batali demonstrated the preparation of an egg dish on his TV show many years ago that I liked. It is called 'Uova in brodetto." However, toasted Italian bread is included.


        1. Thanks for the responses so far! Seems like I am definitely not alone in my appreciation of poached eggs.

          1. I love poached eggs on hash of any kind (try red flannel hash!).