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Poached eggs - serving ideas?

I have been going through a serious poached eggs phase lately. Sadly, I'm not that creative with how I serve them. I have eaten them plain, on toast, on welsh rarebit, on toast with cheese and sauteed veggies (note the many toast variations) and am planning on trying them on ratatouille this weekend. Any other ideas - including ones that don't involve toast? Thanks so much!

Edited to say that I am vegetarian - I eat eggs and dairy but no meat, fish, poultry.

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  1. You could serve them over polenta, rice, fish (salmon is nice), wilted greens, roasted vegetables, or spinach salads (the egg becomes the dressing). Or you could make a batch of eggs in purgatory (shakshuka), which poaches the eggs in a lovely tomato stew--Smitten Kitchen has a decent recipe for this last one.

    I'm in an egg phase myself at the moment.

    1. I like two halves English muffin...toasted....two poached eggs on top...A generous serving of well seasoned red beans cooked with Andouille, tasso, etc....A few shots of Tabasco/Louisiana Hot Sauce on top to finish it off......


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      1. Mario Batali demonstrated the preparation of an egg dish on his TV show many years ago that I liked. It is called 'Uova in brodetto." However, toasted Italian bread is included.


        1. Thanks for the responses so far! Seems like I am definitely not alone in my appreciation of poached eggs.

          1. I love poached eggs on hash of any kind (try red flannel hash!).

            1. I had posole with a poached egg on top at a restaurant (menu link below) and it was amazing . . . I've been dreaming about going back for more the next time I'm in town.


              1. Try cilber (Turkish Poached Eggs). Combine a couple of spoonfuls of plain Greek yogurt with minced garlic (your call how much). Combine melted butter and Aleppo pepper (smoked paprika is also delish, if a little less authentic, or you could use olive oil instead of butter).

                Spread garlic yogurt on plate, place poached egg on top, drizzle spiced butter over egg. I was sceptical, but tried this at a Turkish restaurant , and I've been hooked ever since.

                1. Poached eggs on top of Chili/Curry = yummy in my tummy!

                  1. I love a lightly poached egg on top of my bowl of ramen (be it the good stuff or even the cheap 25 cents a package Maruchan stuff), as well as putting one on top of a nice bowl of black beans and rice or even just home made black beans/frijole negros or even black bean soup.

                    They're good on top of vegetable fried rice , huevos rancheros, and I even like them served similarly on top of a toasted tortilla that is layered with my homemade cochinita pibil , then crunchy pickeled onions, cilantro and then an egg. For a veggie version, I'd either do a fast roast pibil with eggplant or mushrooms, or saute mushrooms and veggies in cumin and ancho powder and other seasonings of choice, layer the toasted tortilla (tostada?) first with refried beans, then the saute mix and fresh cilantro and then picked onions, and then egg. Salsa or even enchilada sauce (red or green) can be used as well.

                    I really use poached eggs anywhere I don;t want a heavy animal protein but desire some runny egg goodness.

                    1. Shakshuka!

                      e.g. http://smittenkitchen.com/2010/04/sha...

                      Recipes usually call for you to poach the egg(s) in the sauce... but I always make the sauce separately and freeze portions. Then I poach an egg (in water using conventional method) and serve with a portion of reheated shakshuka tomato sauce.

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                        Yes! My favorite comfort food and quickly becoming the brunch of choice at my house.

                      2. No, you're certainly not alone in your love of poached eggs. Try making some fresh pasta, and then toss it in a tiny bit of butter and some sauteed bitter greens (whatever you can get fresh) and lots of cracked pepper. Serve a poached egg or two on top of the pasta and the yolk sort of finishes the sauce. Delicious. Enjoy!

                        1. sweet pOTATO hash with a poached egg is a favorite but can not resist poached egss over fried green tomatoes!

                          1. Had this for breakfast in a restaurant: spicy black bean burgers topped with poached eggs & jalapeno butter. We do it at home with salsa instead of butter (& our bean burgers aren't homemade). Delicious & easy.

                            1. I love poached eggs like crazy. They are great as salad dressing. You can take some spinach or rocket or any other green, toss in olives and other veggies and place the eggs on top. The firm whites gives body to the salad and the yolk creates a creamy dressing. You can also add lemon juice. You can also place them on cooked spinach and make eggs Florentine. Try making eggs Benedict. Poached eggs with Hollandise sauce and asparagus with shaved Parmesan and black pepper is a classic and all time favorite. Actually Hollandise sauce on poached eggs itself is heavenly. And oh, although it's not real poached egg, still you can place an egg over a tortilla with cheese and grill it until the egg is just set. You can also make a great meal out of left over roast potatoes by tossing them with some herbs and EVO, then just top up poached eggs.

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                                Definitely try the Hollandise route. This is my favorite way to have poached eggs. Serve on an English muffin to mix up the "toast" bit some.

                              2. We do an Americanized bibimbap frequently. It's filling and delicious. I make rice in the rice cooker, steam some fresh spinach (lots, actually), then chop and toss with sesame oil. Then, I steam some julienned carrots. Peel, seed and slice cucumbers, then dress them with cider vinegar and sugar. When all this prep is almost done, poach your eggs. To serve, put a mound of rice on each plate, along with the veggies, then put an egg or two on top of each mound of rice. Serve with kimchee (we use storebought) and sriracha (not Korean at all, but we always have it around.)

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                                  This sounds so amazingly delicious. I am making this soon, and I hope I can do it justice with a proper poached egg.
                                  My eggs stuck to the bottom of the pan last night. And I broke one yolk in the water too. So embarrasing.

                                2. If you google "iron skillet spinach," you'll find a tasty variation with pictures, but in short, like this:
                                  Sautee a clove of garlic in a little bit of butter, then add a generous handful of fresh spinach and squeeze a quarter of a fresh lemon.

                                  When the spinach cooks down (just a few minutes), make a little “nest,” crack an egg into the nest, cover the pan and cook to your desired consistency. Once the yolk sets, you can top it with a slice of fresh mozzarella and a sprinkle of Penzey's California pepper. Serve over buttered toast. You can skip the bacon I usually make to go with. :)


                                  1. Soup. Use it as a "lid" over a bowl of soup.

                                    Pancakes. Make a poached egg pancake sandwich, with two pancakes and a poached egg in the middle.

                                    Noodles. Cold soba noodles and poached eggs are like peanut butter and jelly

                                    1. There was a good fried egg thread recently; many of the tasty ideas there would be applicable to poached eggs also...


                                      1. A few weeks ago I had Wild Mushroom Hash (4 types) topped with poached eggs at the Thomaston Cafe in Thomaston, Maine.

                                        1. Grits and greens are my favorite accompaniments for poached eggs. A good chunk of butter is also requisite.

                                          The idea of wild mushrooms has piqued my interest. Grits, sauteed mushrooms, some shallots and fresh thyme would make a lovely meal topped by a poached egg.

                                          There's also the classic salade lyonnaise. You can't go wrong with that.

                                          1. I like to make a nice spicy and saucy chickpea dish with tomatoes and red peppers, with lots of crushed red pepper and maybe saffron. Make it a nice stew and serve a poached egg on top with crusty bread.

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                                              This sounds so delicious to me. I love both chickpeas and poached eggs... and, for that matter most things spicy as well. Oh heck! I love to eat...
                                              Can you approximate a recipe pretty please.

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                                                Sure. I do confess that sometimes I add Mexican chorizo if I'm cooking for meat-eaters, but it's just as good without. Just different! I saute diced onions and red peppers until almost soft, then add a good helping of garlic at the end. I throw in paprika (smoked if you have it) and crushed red pepper, cooking for about 30 seconds, then add petite diced tomatoes and some broth. Cook it down until the tomatoes are beginning to fall apart, then add in the chickpeas. In terms of amounts, I like it to be pretty hearty, so cook down most of the liquid. Season with salt and pepper and, if I choose to splurge and do saffron, add it toward the end. That's it!

                                            2. Wow! Thanks for all of these! I remembered one other variation I had done - Hazan's chickpea soup topped with a poached egg. That was pretty tasty! Can't wait to dig into these ideas.

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                                                I make a chickpea soup, basically chickpeas in a spicy broth then add an egg just before serving, poaches up beautifully and adds such a depth of flavour and richness to the soup.

                                              2. Soup. Seriously, you haven't lived until you've had either an excellent creamy tomato soup or spanish style garlic soup with a soft poached egg. Heaven.

                                                1. Asparagus or any other sturdy stalky green... steamed, top with poached egg and a good helping of parmesan. You could also make a vegetable hash (w/ base of onions & potatoes) and top that, hash is the best.

                                                  1. A poached egg over hot oatmeal is really delicious and savory.
                                                    Over sauted spinach cups
                                                    with prepared farro and mushrooms

                                                    1. The classic Frisée aux Lardons, one of the few salad things eaten as a first course in France. Cut bacon into thick short sticks and fry until crisp. Remove to drain on paper towels and briefly toss freshly washed and shaken-out frisée in the pan. Put a portion into each bowl, strew lardons over, top with poached egg. A variant calls for pouring off excess grease, deglazing the pan with a bit of lemon or vinegar, and then tossing in the greens. What I love about this (aside from the sheer deliciousness) is that with a little foresight and preparation you can do almost everything within the five minutes it takes to poach the eggs. That's one sign of a bistro dish: if you're prepared, you can do it to order, and still serve something totally fresh in minutes.

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                                                        Wow! Just Wow! I don't even like poached eggs but this sounds so delicious!

                                                      2. I like a nice salad, with hearts of romaine with either a maybe based creamy dressing, or a lemon vinaigrette, perhaps with a bit of dijon. Served like this with croutons and parmesan, it's like a Caesar salad. Add some green onions, tomatoes, poached egg on top. Easy and delicious. Arugula is also nice, or a mixed greens blend. I personally like my lettuce to have some crunch. Basically I like poached eggs on a variety of salads, can you tell? :)

                                                        1. Olive123 doesn't eat meat, fish or poultry.

                                                          1. One good one I had recently; cooked soba grains (aka buckwheat groats) dressed with lime juice, salt and chopped cilantro, topped with a poached egg and drizzled with a bit of home-made green-chili sauce.

                                                            Also good - poached eggs in soup. You can use the soup itself to cook the eggs. This works well with even a simple good chicken stock as the base.

                                                            For Asian ideas - egg is a standard topping for Korean bimbimbap (basically, rice with stuff on it). Traditionally, they crack a raw egg over the finished dish and it cooks partially in the residual heat.

                                                            A Japanese dish I love, but for which it is probably hard to get the ingredients, is a bowl of white rice, topped with sliced okra, grated mountain yam, natto, sliced raw tuna and a raw or lightly poached egg. I call it slimy stuff on rice, but it's surprisingly addictive.

                                                            1. over or in a grilled cheese :-D

                                                              1. Put two poached eggs in the bottom of a bowl, cover with freshly cooked pasta (vermicelli or fettucine), sprinkle with cooked, cubed pancetta, grated Parmigiano-Reggiano and pecorino and grind some black pepper over everything to your taste.

                                                                Almost Carbonara.

                                                                1. At a restaurant, I just had poached eggs over asparagus and prosciutto. It had a light cream sauce drizzled over it. Wonderful

                                                                  1. Bake a potato. Open it. Scoop out flesh and work in a little milk, butter, salt, pepper,. Stuff it back in, making a sort of "bowl" out of it. Add a spoon of creamed spinach. Top with perfectly poached egg and garnish with finely sliced green onion.

                                                                    1. I top toast with a generous serving of guacamole (one avocado per person), and on top of that an egg -- usually scrambled, but sometimes poached.

                                                                      1. We have poached eggs for dinner quote often. This shaved asparagus salad with crispy prosciutto is one of my favorites.


                                                                        1. I love a cheeseburger with runny yolk! You could do a portabello burger, poached egg inside with a slice of cheese on top of that. It helps contain the goodness of the gooiness.

                                                                          1. Had at a restaurant a few days ago, a plate of sauteed cepes, with a poached duck egg on top, oh my.

                                                                            1. The BEST diner meal I ever had consisted of a corn muffin split horizontally and grilled, then each half was topped with a poached egg. Ridiculously simple, but incredibly yummy.

                                                                              1. Olive.....years ago when my husband's grandmother was alive, Saturday noon lunch consisted of creamy mashed potatoes made over the wood stove, with a soft boiled egg cracked over top. It would definitely work with a poached egg instead. I must admit when I first heard of this dish, I cringed. But having tried it the first time he mentioned to me, I loved it!!!!

                                                                                1. I'd eat poached eggs on their own, or on any breadly item, or on a plane on a train in the rain and so on..

                                                                                  But as others have mentioned poaching them IN things is great. If you still have zucchini kicking about, this is pretty awesome (I made it, craved it for a week, then made it again): http://www.thekitchn.com/thekitchn/ve...

                                                                                  I prefer yellow squash over green zucchini, but I have an unnatural love of yellow vegetables (there are SO FEW of them!)..

                                                                                  1. On a bed of creamed spinach.

                                                                                    1. Wilted Spinach and Grits.

                                                                                      Copious amounts of Crystal Hot Sauce.

                                                                                      1. We are poached eggs sl_ts at the restaurant!

                                                                                        Smoked Salmon served on a bagel with peppered cream cheese, capers, house pickled red onions, topped with a poached egg and some peppery arugula

                                                                                        Fresh Black beans (no canned crap here) served with hash brown potatoes, melted jack cheese, a soft poached egg, topped with fresh salsa and crispy tortilla

                                                                                        Cheesy Grits with pancetta and topped with a poached egg

                                                                                        Spinach salad topped with a poached egg

                                                                                        I did some soft boiled eggs and made egg salad, no mayo needed