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Sep 23, 2011 12:45 PM

Dim Sum in Sunny Isles

Chef Philip Ho just opened where Emerald coast used to be.... Dim Sum on rolling carts and or off the menu....... Just had 5 dim sums for lunch. place shows lots of promise....

Try the Black Truffle and Scallop dumplings and the spring rolls are fabulous!

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  1. Think I know where I'm going this weekend.

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      1. re: The Chowfather

        Hit it today for lunch. Very pleased. Will be following up with a post on FFT. Thanks Bigstu for the tip.

    1. As promised, some more follow-up here ->

      We only tried about a half-dozen items, but they were all very good. I like the combination of cart service and checklist menu, service was friendly and the place is roomy and clean.

      Figured out that Chef Philip Ho used to be the dim sum chef at the Setai Restaurant on South Beach, which I'd take to be a pretty good sign.

      Location is:
      16850 Collins Avenue, Sunny Isles

      It's back toward the northwest corner of one of the first shopping center complexes just north of 163rd St. Causeway on the west side of Collins Ave. in Sunny Isles.

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      1. re: Frodnesor

        Great photos, Frod.

        What are the prices like? For instance, how much did the steamed pork buns cost?

        1. re: racer x

          all Dim Sum $3-$5.... Not sure exactly either $3 or $4 for 3 buns

          1. re: Bigstu99

            Prices for dim sum range from $3-5 depending on size and ingredients. The steamed roast pork buns were a "small" which are $3 an order (the baked ones are a "medium" which are $3.50).

            Larger noodle and rice dishes and the like are more expensive (and larger).

      2. Five of us dined there today, ate everything, came to only $100 Loved it. Great waiter just in from San Francisco with 20 years experience in the Hong Kong style. We will be back with the kids.

        1. Just had a nice dim sum dinner there (I know, take it to the NAF thread, don't judge me). Very good food and service and I didn't have to get on the Palmetto to get there. Everything tasted fresh and honest, and the dim sum prices were great, especially by south Florida standards.

          Our waiter was very helpful, and as the place is new, was good at correcting/clarifying some of the translations on the menu. The black truffle and scallop dumplings were recommended and were awesome. The har siu bao could have been larger and better, but for 9 PM in a new restaurant on a Monday, that's no problem at all, yet.

          I can't wait to get back to eat off the dinner menu, everything the diners around us were eating looked and smelled good, though the prices appeared high (I wonder if some of them are meant to be shared?).

          My last observation is that all of the menu, dim sum and dinner, looked really forward-thinking for a Chinese restaurant that's not in some fusionland, and I hope they keep that up.

          1. This place was great! Thanks for the heads up. We destroyed some dim sum on Saturday afternoon! Hard to say what was my favorite because I enjoyed it all. I'm not sure I'd say it's better than Tropical but it might be. It's worth the drive from the Grove on occasion if I want somewhere different though. Service was superb too.