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Sep 23, 2011 12:30 PM

need rec. for a birthday dinner spot in/around Norcross area

A friend will be in Norcross for her bday this Thursday. She almost always orders steak but sometimes she diverges. Since it is Thursday, traffic could be an issue but she is not averse to driving a bit. Probably not more that 20 minutes though. Most important is someplace with exceptional food. Price not an object but it doesn't have to be a "formal" atmosphere. Ideas?? Thanks! Claire

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  1. Bite, 15500 Webb Bridge Way @ Medlock Bridge, Alpharetta is 15 minutes from my son's home in Norcross. We were there on Friday evening and had the most impressive dinner I have had in quite some time. We enjoyed soup, salad, entrees, and desserts along with their homemade cucumber lemonade. Check them out at:

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      Bite Atl is outstanding. It's one of the best restaurants to hit the state in years. The lobster roll in particular is outstanding.

    2. for a great steak and very nice ambience, considr Mc Kendricks right across from Perimter Mall.If you go ask for Taco as your waiter.Totally exceptional food--they will make whatever you want,, and with whtever sauce youd like--i alwyas get steak filet stuffed with lobster with a bernaise sauce, and get the lobster mashed potatoes--man im hungry now