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Sep 23, 2011 12:18 PM

Family of 5 visiting Belgium over Thanksgiving needs restaurant recos esp in Brugge

My family: myself, 2 young girls, wife and mother will be visiting Belgium for 10 days in mid November. We weren't planning to rent a car but are open to anything within walking, train, tram, bus or reasonable cab ride from our home base within central Brugge. We are looking for really good, fairly casual establishments who focus on local cuisine for lunch and dinner and that won't break the bank. In addition, we're open to carry out, desserts, chocolate, regional specialities or any other great food finds appropriate for this late fall time period. Thank you.

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  1. bump. Any help?? Just to clarify we don't need Thanksgiving Day recommendations, that is only the time of the year that we'll be there. Thank you

    1. My friends and I were in Bruges in August and we made the rounds at the town's chocolate shops. I would say the one that seemed a cut above the rest was Dumon. Excellent chocolates, and the prices were very reasonable.

      While we didn't have any amazing meals while in Bruges, we did have a couple of good meals at De Drie Zintuigen and Bistro de Schaar - both serving Belgian/French cuisine.

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        Thank you SB. I assume these are relatively family friendly restaurants? They look that way. And, thanks for the Dumon reco. I read that Rick Steves likes that place too, and while that can certainly be the kiss of death, combined with a chowhound reco, it moves it to the top of the list

        1. re: iammurphy

          Ha! I didn't know Rick Steves recommended Dumon. I'm always skeptical of his recs, but in the case of Dumon, he's bang on.